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On the Offensive

By Karen Stollznow

On the Offensive " This book sheds light on the derogatory phrases, insults, slurs, stereotypes, tropes and more that make up linguistic discrimination. Each chapter addresses a different area of prejudice: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexuality; religion; health and disability; physical appearance; and age."

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Journal Information

Title: Lengua y Migración
Publisher: Universidad de Alcalá
Description: Lengua y Migración (Language and Migration) is a Journal edited by the Universidad de Alcala (Spain) since 2009.

Lengua y Migración (Language and Migration) publishes original, theoretical, empirical and methodological articles analyzing the linguistic and communicative reality of migration, taking care of the study of all the social and linguistic elements which they concur in the process of sociolinguistic integration, including acquisition of second languages.

Lengua y Migración (Language and Migration) publishes papers studying sociolinguistic and sociological aspects related to the migratory processes in any region or community around world, as well as processes where speakers of different or same languages are implied.

Lengua y Migración (Language and Migration) publishes papers and book reviews in Spanish and English.

ISSN: 1889-5425
Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics