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The Cambridge Dictionary of Linguistics

By Keith Brown and Jim Miller

The Cambridge Dictionary of Linguistics "provides concise and clear definitions of all the terms any undergraduate or graduate student is likely to encounter in the study of linguistics and English language or in other degrees involving linguistics, such as modern languages, media studies and translation."

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The Morphology of Dutch

By Geert Booij

The Morphology of Dutch "contributes to ongoing discussions on the nature and representation of morphological processes, the role of paradigmatic relations between words - and between words and phrases - and the interaction between morphology, phonology, and syntax."

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Journal Information

Title: Journal of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Analysis (JALDA)
Publisher: Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
Description: The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Analysis (JALDA) is an open access, academic, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journal that follows a double-blind policy. JALDA is published both electronically and in print by the Department of English Language and Literature, the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran. JALDA is scheduled for publication biannually in spring and autumn (1st April and 1st October), with its first issue having been launched in the spring 2013.

JALDA publishes original papers in two related fields of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies with the hope for innovative approaches to emerge from combining the two fields. Applied linguistics treats language as a system of communication and a form of social action including such areas of investigation as Teaching English as a Second or Foreign language (EFL/ESL), EFL/ESL curriculum/syllabus/methodology/assessment, English for specific/academic purposes, second language skills, English language teacher education, classroom-centered research, bilingualism, and technology in English language learning and teaching. Discourse studies are intended to investigate English written or oral text to achieve cues for the facilitation of teaching English to speakers of other languages by focusing on such areas as analyzing written/spoken/multimodal text, multiliteracies, formulaic language, corpus analysis, genre analysis, interaction analysis, intercultural competence, and language and identity.

ISSN: 2383-2460
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics