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Academic Paper

Title: Perspectives on the Korean laryngeal contrast from cross-linguistic perceptual similarity
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Author: Charles B. Chang
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Institution: Boston University
Linguistic Field: Phonetics
Subject Language: Korean
Abstract: This study re-examined the typologically unusual three-way laryngeal contrast in Korean among lenis, fortis, and aspirated voiceless obstruents in light of a recent proposal by Kim and Duanmu (2004) that the contrast is really among voiced, voiceless unaspirated, and voiceless aspirated categories. The results of a cross-linguistic perception experiment conducted with 12 native Korean speakers are generally consistent with Kim and Duanmu's analysis. The data show that Korean speakers are attuned to voicing in initial position, and while this is naturally accounted for by a Korean laryngeal system containing a phonologically voiced category, the data also suggest that an important factor in Korean speakers' perception of word-initial lenis obstruents is a feature atypical of voiced obstruents: namely, aspiration. Thus, even if the lenis series were to be analyzed as voiced, it would differ in a fundamental way from the phonetic character of other languages' voiced plosives, a finding that severely weakens the cross-linguistic thrust of Kim and Duanmu's argument.
Type: Individual Paper
Status: Completed
Venue: 5th Workshop in General Linguistics
Publication Info: LSO Working Papers in Linguistics, 7, 55-69.
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