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Academic Paper

Title: Object Clitics in Galician and Complications for Clausal Analyses
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Author: Timothy Gupton
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Institution: University of Georgia
Linguistic Field: Syntax
Subject Language: Galician
Abstract: This paper approaches the debate in generative syntax surrounding the structural position and status (argument vs. non-argument) of preverbal subjects from the perspective of clitic placement in Galician, an Iberian Romance language that permits enclisis and proclisis in finite clauses. It examines the interaction of clitics with preverbal subjects, fronted focus elements, and topicalized XPs in Galician in main clause, subordinate clause, and recomplementation contexts. Given the clitic directionality asymmetries examined, maintaining Raposo and Uriagereka's (2005) cliticization proposal requires a modification of the expanded left periphery (à la Rizzi 1997). According to the proposal outlined here, lower (recomplementation) QUE appears in the head of a topical Doubled Force (DFce) projection following notions in Martín-González (2002) and Demonte and Fernández-Soriano (2009), while preverbal subjects may appear in a variety of structural positions -- positions which appear to be dependent on the content of the clausal numeration.
Type: Individual Paper
Status: Completed
Venue: 14th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Indiana University 2010
Publication Info: Gupton, Timothy. 2012. Object Clitics in Galician and Complications for Clausal Analyses. In Geeslin, Kimberly and Manuel Díaz-Campos (eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 14th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, 272-284. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.
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