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Academic Paper

Title: Hittite Noun Phrases in Focus
Author: Petra Marian Goedegebuure
Email: click here TO access email
Institution: University of Chicago
Linguistic Field: Pragmatics; Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language: Hittite
Abstract: Recent studies on Information Structure and syntactic processes in Hittite have shown that the type and scope of Focus correlates with position in the clause (Goedegebuure 2009a, b, fc on pronominal apa- and questions; Huggard 2011 on relative clauses): Contrastive Focus phrases occur in preverbal position, and non-Contrastive Focus ones in (modified) initial position. The studies on pronominal apa- were restricted to narrow Focus. Here I will expand the scope and look at clauses with adnominal apa- in not only Identifying Focus but also Comment Focus and as Contrastive Topic. These contexts help further explore the influence of discourse factors and Information Structure on word order in Hittite.

Goedegebuure, Petra M. 2009a. Focus in Hittite and the stressed pronoun apā-: in search of a method. In Elisabeth Rieken and Paul Widmer (eds.), Pragmatische Kategorien. Form, Funktion und Diachronie. Akten der Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft 24.-26. September 2007, in Marburg, 93–112. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag.

- 2009b. Focus structure and Q-word questions in Hittite. In Evelien Keizer and Mirjam van Staden (eds.), Interpersonal grammar: a cross-linguistic perspective. Thematic issue of Linguistics 47/4.945–67.

- fc. Pronouns in narrow Focus — A case study in Hittite. In Chris Woods and Andréas Stauder (eds.), Linguistic Method and Theory and the Languages of the Ancient Near East. Chicago: Oriental Institute.

Huggard, Mattyas. 2011. On Wh-(Non)-Movement and Internal Structures of the Hittite Preposed Relative Clause. In Stephanie W. Jamison, Craig Melchert, and Brent Vine (eds.), Proceedings of the 22nd Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, 83–104. Bremen: Hempen.
Type: Individual Paper
Status: Completed
Publication Info: In Stephanie W. Jamison, H. Craig Melchert, and Brent Vine (eds.), Proceedings of the 24th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Bremen: Hempen, 27-45.
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