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Academic Paper

Title: The Impact of Corpus-based Collocation Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners' Reading Comprehension Ability
Author: Shabnam Ashouri
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Author: MohammadReza Khoda Reza
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Linguistic Field: Language Acquisition
Subject Language: English
Abstract: The present study endeavored to shed light on this question if corpus-based collocation could affect EFL learners' reading comprehension ability, and to realize how much teaching corpus-based collocation instruction could make learners comprehend better. To answer this question, 60 Iranian EFL learners, who participated in this study, were selected randomly via administration of an OPT exam. There were two groups, experimental and control ones. After being proved that the groups were homogeneous, a collocation and a reading pretest were given to the learners. The study examined the effects of direct corpus-based collocation instruction on Iranian English learners' reading comprehension. For 15 sessions the control group received single-item vocabulary or, placebo and the experimental group received corpus-based collocation instruction as treatment. The same tests as post-test were given to the learners when the treatment accomplished, and after that a t-test between the pre-test and post-test were computed. According to the results showed by the statistical program, the efficiency of the treatment was perceptible. This study suggested that direct corpus-based collocation instruction could be a worthy alternative for studying in teaching so it displayed that the learners who were in the experimental group could comprehend the text better, so teaching collocation should be added to the syllabus of teaching to diminish the hardship of comprehending texts. The results of independent samples t-test for the post-test reflected that there was a significant difference between the two groups in their post- test (p<0.05).
Definition of the key terms
Collocation; noun; adjective; adverb; verb; preposition, corpus-based instruction, nativized text
Type: Individual Paper
Status: Completed
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