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Academic Paper

Title: A metalexicographic investigation into a set of complex Modern Greek verbs: Comparing dictionary entries with corpus evidence
Author: Marianna N. Christou
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Institution: University of Athens
Linguistic Field: Lexicography; Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language: Greek, Modern
Abstract: This paper aims to make a contribution to the field of Modern Greek lexicography, and in particular to the theory of dictionary research. For this reason, it sets out to explore how corpus evidence can shed light on dictionary definitions, senses and examples. To illustrate this, it combines descriptive and empirical approaches to the investigation of the lemmata that have prepositional prefixes and derive from the verb ΒΑΛΛΩ ([válo], /L/≈ “to fire”; “to attack”) thus belonging to the same word family. The study draws upon principles of mainstream lexicography to explore the theoretical premises on which two recent Greek dictionaries are based. For the purposes of comprehensive data analysis both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed./L//L/As this analysis reveals, taking frequencies into consideration would have a profound effect on the existing sense ordering in the dictionary entries. Moreover, it emerges from the results that the entries may be enriched through close scrutiny of the Hellenic National Corpus evidence, which furnishes additional meanings and uses not included in the dictionaries. The outcome of the present paper is of practical use for lexicographers, researchers and linguists concerned with the description and in-depth analysis of the Modern Greek language.
Type: Individual Paper
Status: Completed
Publication Info: Christou, M. N. (2004). “A metalexicographic investigation into a set of complex Modern Greek verbs: comparing dictionary entries with corpus evidence”. In G. Williams and S. Vessier (eds.), Proceedings of the eleventh EURALEX international congress, EURALEX 2004, Lorient, France, 6-10 July 2004 (vol. 1). 339-349.
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