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15 Review Title(s) found for Language Science Press.
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Information structure in spoken Japanese : Particles, word order, and intonation
(Reviewer: Jeff Peterson) - - Natsuko Nakagawa; (09-Nov-2021)

Grammatical gender and linguistic complexity II : World-wide comparative studies
(Reviewer: Mayowa Akinlotan) - - Francesca Di Garbo; Bruno Olsson; Bernhard Wälchli; (11-May-2021)

Third language acquisition : Age, proficiency and multilingualism
(Reviewer: Maria Turrero-Garcia) - - Camilla Bardel; Laura Sánchez; (16-Jul-2021)

Evidentiality, egophoricity and engagement
(Reviewer: Sune Gregersen) - - Henrik Bergqvist; Seppo Kittilä; (14-Jun-2021)

Definiteness across languages
(Reviewer: Justin Thomas Case) - - Ana Aguilar-Guevara; Julia Pozas Loyo; Violeta Vázquez-Rojas Maldonado; (06-Apr-2021)

The role of constituents in multiword expressions : An interdisciplinary, cross-lingual perspective
(Reviewer: Doug Merchant) - - Sabine Schulte im Walde; Eva Smolka; (13-Apr-2021)

Grammatical gender and linguistic complexity I : General issues and specific studies
(Reviewer: Mayowa Akinlotan) - - Francesca Di Garbo; Bruno Olsson; Bernhard Wälchli; (11-May-2021)

Representation and parsing of multiword expressions : Current trends
(Reviewer: Viatcheslav Yatsko) - - Yannick Parmentier; Jakub Waszczuk; (21-May-2020)

A grammar of Komnzo
(Reviewer: John Mansfield) - - Christian Döhler; (14-Oct-2019)

Order and structure in syntax II : Subjecthood and argument structure
(Reviewer: Ferid Chekili) - - Michelle Sheehan; Laura R. Bailey; (04-Dec-2018)

The future of dialects
(Reviewer: Marco Caria) - - Marie-Hélène Côté; Remco Knooihuizen; John Nerbonne; (23-Oct-2017)

Eyetracking and Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - Silvia Hansen-Schirra; Sambor Grucza; (19-Sep-2017)

The evolution of case grammar
(Reviewer: Daniel Walter) - - Remi van Trijp; (01-May-2017)

A grammar of Mauwake
(Reviewer: Bruno Olsson) - - Liisa Berghäll; (14-Jun-2016)

New directions in corpus-based translation studies
(Reviewer: Daria Dayter) - - Claudio Fantinuoli; Federico Zanettin; (25-Feb-2016)