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Etymology and the European Lexicon : Proceedings of the 14th Fachtagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft, 17-22 September 2012, Copenhagen
(Reviewer: Nicholas Zair) - - Bjarne Simmelkjaer Sandgaard Hansen; Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead; Thomas Olander; Birgit Anette Olsen; (26-Jan-2018)

Teaching English Pronunciation : A textbook for the German-speaking countries
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - Holger Schmitt; (17-Jul-2017)

The Morpho-Syntactic and Lexical Encoding of Tense and Aspect in Semitic : Proceedings of the Erlangen Workshop on April 26, 2014
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Lutz Edzard; (25-May-2017)

Ankara Papers in Turkish and Turkic Linguistics
(Reviewer: Emine Yarar) - - Ufuk Atas; Jochen Rehbein; Çigdem Sagin Simsek; Deniz Zeyrek; (04-Apr-2017)

Selected Features of Bactrian Grammar
(Reviewer: Blake Justin Collin Lewis) - - Saloumeh Gholami; (13-Jul-2016)

Gläserne Decke und Elefant im Raum : Phraseologische Anglizismen im Deutschen
(Reviewer: Cornelia I. Tschichold) - - Sabine Fiedler; (19-Jan-2016)

(Reviewer: Pierre-Yves Modicom) - - Sonja Müller; (08-Jul-2015)

Scripts Beyond Borders : A Survey of Allographic Traditions in the Euro-Mediterranean World
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - J. Den Heijer; T. Pataridze; A. Schmidt; (01-Jul-2015)

Latin Historical Phonology Workbook
(Reviewer: Jean-François R. Mondon) - - Malte Liesner; (26-Jun-2015)