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Ethnolinguistic Prehistory : The Peopling of the World from the Perspective of Language, Genes and Material Culture
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - George van Driem; (22-Nov-2021)

The Romance-Speaking Balkans : Language and the Politics of Identity
(Reviewer: Giustina Selvelli) - - Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković; Mihai Dragnea; Thede Kahl; Blagovest Njagulov; Donald Dyer; Angelo Costanzo; (16-Nov-2021)

Click Consonants
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Bonny Sands; (09-Aug-2021)

Ten Lectures on the Representation of Events in Language, Perception, Memory, and Action Control
(Reviewer: Marta Donazzan) - - Jeffrey M. Zacks; (14-Jul-2021)

Spelling and Writing Words : Theoretical and Methodological Advances
(Reviewer: Jana Hasenäcker) - - Cyril Perret; Thierry Olive; (19-May-2020)

Language and Chronology : Text Dating by Machine Learning
(Reviewer: Mark Faulkner) - - Gregory Toner; Xiwu Han; (12-May-2020)

Saussure and Sechehaye: Myth and Genius : A Study in the History of Linguistics and the Foundations of Language
(Reviewer: Marc Pierce) - - Pieter A.M. Seuren; (14-Nov-2019)

Annotated Texts in Beṭṭa Kurumba
(Reviewer: Sanford B Steever) - - Gail Coelho; (01-Oct-2019)

Language and Meter
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Dieter Gunkel; Olav Hackstein; (05-Sep-2019)

A Grammar of Möðruvallabók
(Reviewer: Bev Thurber) - - Andrea Leeuw van Weenen, de; (15-Jul-2019)

Directions for Historical Linguistics : Reprint of the 1968 Original
(Reviewer: Matteo Tarsi) - - Winfred P. Lehmann; Yakov Malkiel; (03-Apr-2019)

Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese Tones : Beyond First-Language Transfer
(Reviewer: Mengzhu Yan) - - Hang Zhang; (20-Mar-2019)

Corpora and Lexis
(Reviewer: Elen Le Foll) - - Sebastian Hoffmann; Andrea Sand; Sabine Arndt-Lappe; Lisa Marie Dillmann; (08-Jul-2019)

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics
(Reviewer: Jesse Gates) - - Georgios K. Giannakis; (16-Apr-2019)

Historical Aspects of Standard Negation in Semitic
(Reviewer: David Wilmsen) - - Ambjörn Sjörs; (15-Jan-2019)

Ten Lectures on Natural Semantic Metalanguage : Exploring Lanuage, Thought, and Culture Using Simple, Translatable Words
(Reviewer: Ami Okabe) - - Cliff Goddard; (03-Dec-2018)

The Prehistory of the Balto-Slavic Accent
(Reviewer: Jean-François R. Mondon) - - Jay H. Jasanoff; (21-Nov-2018)

The Politics of Written Language in the Arab World : Writing Change
(Reviewer: Nadine Hamdan) - - Jacob Høigilt; Gunvor Mejdell; (23-Aug-2018)

Linguistic Polyphony : The Scandinavian Approach: ScaPoLine
(Reviewer: Maria Assunta Ciardullo) - - Henning Nølke; (18-Aug-2018)

Die biblisch-hebräische Partikel נָא im Lichte der antiken Bibelübersetzungen : Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer vermuteten Höflichkeitsfunktion
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Peter Juhás; (12-Feb-2018)

Coastal Dhofari Arabic : A Sketch Grammar
(Reviewer: David Wilmsen) - - Richard J. Davey; (09-Nov-2017)

A Grammar of Dazaga
(Reviewer: Christopher R Green) - - Josiah K. Walters; (08-Jun-2017)

Pragmatic Issues in Specialized Communicative Contexts
(Reviewer: Dongmei Cheng) - - Francesca Bianchi; Sara Gesuato; (25-May-2017)

Corpus linguistics on the move : Exploring and understanding English through corpora
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - María José López-Couso; Belén Méndez-Naya; Paloma Núñez-Pertejo; Ignacio M. Palacios-Martínez; (19-May-2017)

Variation and Change in Mainland and Insular Norman : A Study of Superstrate Influence
(Reviewer: Heinrich Ramisch) - - Mari C. Jones; (26-Aug-2016)

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Service Encounters
(Reviewer: Wei Ren) - - María de la O Hernández-López; Lucía Fernández-Amaya; (08-Jun-2016)

Questioning Language Contact : Limits of Contact, Contact at its Limits
(Reviewer: Martina Häcker) - - Robert Nicolaï; (22-Jun-2016)

Corpus of Soqotri Oral Literature
(Reviewer: David Elton Gay) - - Vitaly Naumkin; Leonid Kogan; (16-Oct-2015)

Morphosyntax of the Noun Phrase in Hieroglyphic Luwian
(Reviewer: Florian Reveilhac) - - Anna H. Bauer; (04-Jan-2016)

Reconciling Indo-European Syllabification
(Reviewer: Nicholas Zair) - - Adam Cooper; (26-Jun-2015)

Pre-Greek : Phonology, Morphology, Lexicon
(Reviewer: Eleonora Sausa) - - Robert S. Beekes; (04-May-2015)

Small-Language Fates and Prospects : Lessons of Persistence and Change from Endangered Languages: Collected Essays
(Reviewer: Jean-François R. Mondon) - - Nancy Dorian; (09-Mar-2015)

The Jibbali (Shaḥri) Language of Oman : Grammar and Texts
(Reviewer: Kevin T Schluter) - - Aaron D. Rubin; (04-May-2015)

Reduplication in Indigenous Languages of South America
(Reviewer: Natallia O’Neill) - - Gale Goodwin Gómez; Hein van der Voort; (26-Jan-2015)

The Arabic Script in Africa : Studies in the Use of a Writing System
(Reviewer: Kariema El Touny) - - Meikal Mumin; Kees Versteegh; (06-Jan-2015)

Methods in Latin Computational Linguistics
(Reviewer: Onna Adele Nelson) - - Barbara McGillivray; (28-Aug-2014)

Ingham of Arabia : A Collection of Articles Presented as a Tribute to the Career of Bruce Ingham
(Reviewer: David Wilmsen) - - Clive Holes; Rudolf De Jong; (22-May-2014)

Copulae in the Arabic Noun Phrase : A Unified Analysis of Arabic Adnominal Markers
(Reviewer: Kariema El Touny) - - Francesco Grande; (28-Apr-2014)

The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay : A Case of Extreme Language Contact
(Reviewer: Felicity Meakins) - - Sebastian Nordhoff; (25-Feb-2014)

Vagueness, Gradability and Typicality : The Interpretation of Adjectives and Nouns
(Reviewer: ) - - Galit W. Sassoon; (09-Dec-2013)

Deriving Nominals : A Syntactic Account of Malagasy Nominalizations
(Reviewer: Megan Schildmier Stone) - - Dimitrios Ntelitheos; (10-Jul-2013)

Perception and Cognition in Language and Culture
(Reviewer: Thiago Costa Chacon) - - Alexandra Y Aikhenvald; Anne Storch; (15-Jul-2013)

The Subjunctive Mood in Arabic Grammatical Thought
(Reviewer: Dinha Tobiya Gorgis) - - Arik Sadan; (30-Mar-2013)

Middle Arabic and Mixed Arabic : Diachrony and Synchrony
(Reviewer: David Wilmsen) - - Liesbeth Zack; Arie Schipper; (09-Dec-2012)

Language Policy and Language Conflict in Afghanistan and Its Neighbors : The Changing Politics of Language Choice
(Reviewer: Richard G Littauer) - - Harold F. Schiffman; Brian Spooner; (12-Sep-2012)

Sabellian Demonstratives : Forms and Functions
(Reviewer: Nicholas Zair) - - Emmanuel Dupraz; (11-Jul-2012)

The Mehri Language of Oman
(Reviewer: Kevin T Schluter) - - Aaron D. Rubin; (24-Oct-2011)

Handbook of the Syllable
(Reviewer: Christoper R. Green) - - Charles E. Cairns; Eric Raimy; (02-Oct-2011)

Arabic and the Media : Linguistic Analyses and Applications
(Reviewer: Islam Youssef) - - Reem Bassiouney; (28-Jun-2011)

Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol. 3
(Reviewer: Nadia Hamrouni) - - Kees Versteegh; Mushira Eid; Alaa Elgibali; Manfred Woidich; Andrzej Zaborski; (26-Oct-2010)

Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (Set) : Volumes 1-5
(Reviewer: ) - - Kees Versteegh; Mushira Eid; Alaa Elgibali; Manfred Woidich; Andrzej Zaborski; (20-Jul-2010)

Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic : Comparative Phonology, Morphology, and Vocabulary
(Reviewer: Simonetta Pelusi) - - Allan Bomhard; (30-Jun-2009)

A Grammar of Lepcha : Languages of the Greater Himalayan Region, Volume 5
(Reviewer: ) - - Heleen Plaisier; (19-Jun-2009)

Plato. Ion Or: On the Iliad
(Reviewer: Anne Mahoney) - - Albert Rijksbaron; (15-Jun-2009)

The Politics of Language in Chinese Education, 1895–1919
(Reviewer: ) - - Elisabeth Kaske; (09-Apr-2009)

Etymological Dictionary of Latin : and the other Italic Languages
(Reviewer: Andrew D. Carstairs-McCarthy) - - Michiel de Vaan; (07-Apr-2009)