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Questions in Dynamic Semantics
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Maria Aloni; Paul Dekker; (25-Mar-2008)

(Reviewer: Luisa Graciana Granato) - - Claudia Caffi; (17-Jan-2008)

Shifting the Focus : From Static Structures to the Dynamics of Interpretation
(Reviewer: Tatiana Yu. Sazonova) - - Daniel Wedgwood; (18-Dec-2005)

Numerous Meanings : The Meaning of English Cardinals and the Legacy of Paul Grice
(Reviewer: ) - - Bert Bultinck; (18-Dec-2005)

Meaning : The Dynamic turn
(Reviewer: ) - - Jaroslav Peregrin; (29-Nov-2005)

Figurative Language : Cross-cultural and Cross-linguistic Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Dmitrij Dobrovol’skij; Elisabeth Piirainen; (30-Nov-2005)

Variation and Universals in Biolinguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Lyle Jenkins; (22-Jul-2005)

Unravelling the Evolution of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Rudolf Botha; (11-May-2005)

Neurogenic Language Disorders in Children
(Reviewer: Ramesh Kumar Mishra) - - Franco Fabbro; (14-Jan-2005)

Negotiating Moves : Problem Presentation and Resolution in Japanese Business Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Lindsay Amthor Yotsukura; (08-Jun-2004)

The Sciences of Aphasia : From Therapy to Theory
(Reviewer: ) - - I. Papathanasiou; Ria DeBlesser; (17-Aug-2003)

Semantic and Pragmatic Issues in Discourse and Dialogue: Experimenting with Current Dynamic Theories
(Reviewer: ) - - Myriam Bras; Laure Vieu; (04-Nov-2003)

From Words to Discourse:Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach; (03-Mar-2003)

Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Rajend Mesthrie; (07-Mar-2002)

Pragmatics and the Flexibility of Word Meaning
(Reviewer: Lisa Kristine DeWaard) - - K. Bibok; E. Nimeth; (02-Jun-2002)

Current Studies in Italian Syntax: Essays Offered to Lorenzo Renzi
(Reviewer: ) - - Guglielmo Cinque; Giampaolo Salvi; (18-Dec-2001)

Contexts of Metaphor
(Reviewer: ) - - Maarten Michiel Leezenberg; (04-Dec-2001)

On the Nature of the Syntax-Phonology Interface: Cliticization And Related Phenomena
(Reviewer: Kleanthes K. Grohmann) - - Željko Bošković; (06-Nov-2001)

Comparative Studies in Romanian Syntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Virginia Motapanyane-Hill; (09-Sep-2001)

The Pragmatics Of Propositional Attitude Reports
(Reviewer: Edward John Garrett) - - Kasia M. Jaszczolt; (01-Feb-2001)

Discourse, Beliefs and Intentions: Semantic Defaults and Propositional Attitude Ascription
(Reviewer: ) - - Kasia M. Jaszczolt; (27-Oct-2000)

The Discourse of Negotiation: Studies of Language in the Workplace
(Reviewer: ) - - Alan Firth; (05-Nov-1995)