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29 Review Title(s) found for Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke (LOT).
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Contributions to the Computational Processing of Diachronic Linguistic Corpora
(Reviewer: Nicolás Arellano) - - Evandro Landulfo Teixeira Paradela Cunha; (17-Jul-2021)

Professioneel taalgebruik in het economische beroepenveld
(Reviewer: Heli Tissari) - - Pauline Koeleman; (23-Sep-2020)

The Interactional Accomplishment of Action
(Reviewer: Geraldine Bengsch) - - Lucas Seuren; (17-Apr-2019)

Non-native pronunciation: Patterns of learner variation in Spanish-accented Dutch
(Reviewer: Robert Squizzero) - - Pepi Burgos; (02-Apr-2019)

Explaining differences in adult second language learning: The role of language input characteristics and learners' cognitive aptitudes
(Reviewer: Alex K Magnuson) - - Maja Ćurčić; (04-Feb-2019)

Individual differences in reading comprehension : A componential approach to eighth graders' expository text comprehension
(Reviewer: Gerdine M Ulysse) - - Camille Welie; (23-Jan-2019)

The Comprehension of Relative Clauses by Romance Learners of English: Syntactic and Semantic Influences
(Reviewer: Hongying Xu) - - Marie-Anne C.M. Duffeler; (14-Nov-2018)

A Grammar of Kakua
(Reviewer: Patience L. Epps) - - Katherine Bolaños; (19-Jun-2018)

The Urban Vernacular of Late Medieval and Renaissance Bristol
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Moragh Sanne Gordon; (16-Oct-2018)

A Grammar of Kakua
(Reviewer: Richa Srishti) - - Katherine Bolaños; (16-Apr-2018)

Interaction in Dutch asylum interviews : A corpus study of interpreter-mediated institutional discourse
(Reviewer: Laura Smith-Khan) - - Susanne van der Kleij; (29-Apr-2016)

The Syntax of Non-verbal Predication in Amharic and Geez
(Reviewer: Myriam Dali) - - Mulusew Asratie Wondem; (24-Jun-2016)

Friction between phonetics and phonology : The status of affricates
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Janine Berns; (21-Aug-2015)

Horace Walpole and his correspondents : Social network analysis in a historical context
(Reviewer: Imogen Julia Marcus) - - Froukje Henstra; (02-Mar-2015)

The Effects of Bilingualism on Infant Language Development : The Acquisition of Sounds and Words
(Reviewer: Jon Clenton) - - Liquan Liu; (21-Nov-2014)

Metaphor in academic discourse : Linguistic forms, conceptual structures, communicative functions and cognitive representations
(Reviewer: Jill M. Hallett) - - J. Berenike Herrmann; (15-Sep-2014)

Linking Elements in Compounds : Regional Variation in Speech Production and Perception
(Reviewer: Olufunmilayo Mosunmola Ogunkeye) - - Esther Hanssen; (01-Feb-2014)

Teaching L2 English at a very young age : A study of Dutch schools
(Reviewer: Christina Nicole Giannikas) - - Vanessa Ruth Lobo; (17-Mar-2014)

Phonotactics and Its Acquisition, Representation, and Use : An Experimental-Phonological Study
(Reviewer: ) - - Natalie Boll- Avetisyan; (12-Nov-2013)

The Acquisition of Scope Interpretation in Dative Constructions : Explaining Children's Non-Targetlike Performance
(Reviewer: ) - - Marie-Elise Van der Ziel; (20-Jan-2014)

Small words, big effects? : Subjective versus objective causal connectives in discourse processing
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Anneloes Canestrelli; (03-Sep-2013)

Yes/no question-marking in Italian dialects : A typological, theoretical and experimental approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Sara Lusini; (31-Jul-2013)

Sentence amalgamation
(Reviewer: Robert Earl LaBarge) - - Marlies Kluck; (17-Sep-2012)

Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages
(Reviewer: Benjamin Brosig) - - Hans Nugteren; (27-Jun-2012)

Roots and Affixes : Eliminating Lexical Categories from Syntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Marijke De Belder; (26-Jun-2012)

The Vowel Space Paradox : A Sociophonetic Study on Dutch.
(Reviewer: Chiara Meluzzi) - - Sander Van der Harst; (20-Jun-2012)

A matter of time : tense, mood and aspect in Spontaneous Spoken Israeli Hebrew
(Reviewer: ) - - Nurit Dekel; (20-Dec-2010)

The Syntax of Object Marking in Sambaa : A comparative Bantu perspective
(Reviewer: Daniel W Hieber) - - Kristina Riedel; (14-Oct-2010)

What's in a verb? : Studies in the verbal morphology of the languages of the Americas
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Grażyna J. Rowicka; Eithne B Carlin; (24-Oct-2007)