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Phonetics for Speech Pathology : Third Edition
(Reviewer: Leah R. Paltiel-Gedalyovich) - - Martin Ball; Joan Rahilly; Orla Lowry; Nicola Bessell; (15-Jul-2021)

The 5 Minute Linguist : Bite-sized Essays on Language and Languages
(Reviewer: Martin R. Gitterman) - - Caroline Myrick; Walt Wolfram; (14-May-2020)

A Short Introduction to the Study of Language
(Reviewer: Colleen E Gallagher) - - Ellen Thompson; (30-Aug-2019)

Assessing English on the Global Stage : The British Council and English Language Testing, 1941-2016
(Reviewer: Joshua M Paiz) - - Cyril J. Weir; Barry O'Sullivan; (18-Apr-2018)

Mixed Methods Research in Language Teaching and Learning
(Reviewer: Luciana Forti) - - A. Mehdi Riazi; (30-Apr-2018)

Challenging Sonority : Cross-linguistic Evidence
(Reviewer: Reza Falahati) - - Martin J. Ball; Nicole Muller; (29-Aug-2017)

An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies : Second Edition
(Reviewer: Lisa Armstrong) - - Anne McCabe; (02-Nov-2017)

Systemic Functional Linguistics in the Digital Age
(Reviewer: Sara Vilar-Lluch) - - Sheena Gardner; Sian Alsop; (31-Aug-2017)

Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism
(Reviewer: Joshua M Griffiths) - - John J. McCarthy; Joe Pater; (19-Jul-2017)

Assessing the Language of Young Learners
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Angela Hasselgreen; Gwendydd Caudwell; (16-Jun-2017)

Human Communication across Cultures : A Cross-cultural Introduction to Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics
(Reviewer: Peyman G.P. Sabet) - - Vincent Remillard; Karen Williams; (17-May-2017)

Hybridity in Systemic Functional Linguistics : Grammar, Text and Discursive Context
(Reviewer: Rong Wei) - - Donna R. Miller; Paul Bayley; (21-Mar-2017)

The Inbox : Understanding and Maximizing Student-Instructor Email
(Reviewer: Nicholas James Figueroa) - - Jennifer D. Ewald; (17-Oct-2016)

From Trainee to Teacher : Reflective Practice for Novice Teachers
(Reviewer: Chris Blankenship) - - Thomas S. C. Farrell; (23-Sep-2016)

Writing Systems
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Geoffrey Sampson; (09-Dec-2015)

An Introduction to English Sentence Structure : Clauses, Markers, Missing Elements
(Reviewer: Ferid Chekili) - - Jon G Jonz; (26-Jan-2015)

Issues in Second Language Teaching
(Reviewer: Seetha Jayaraman) - - Alessandro G. Benati; (11-Jun-2014)

Contrastive Discourse Analysis : Functional and Corpus Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Maite Taboada; Susana M. Doval-Suárez; Elsa M. González Álvarez; (05-May-2014)

Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research
(Reviewer: ) - - Pascual Cantos Gomez; (24-Jun-2013)

Reflective Writing for Language Teachers
(Reviewer: Tanya Roy) - - Thomas S. C. Farrell; (05-Dec-2013)

Reading Visual Narratives : Image Analysis of Children's Picture Books
(Reviewer: Daniel Lees Fryer) - - Clare Painter; James R. Martin; Len Unsworth; (24-Jun-2013)

Chinese Discourse and Interaction : Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: Patrick R Callier) - - Yuling Pan; Dániel Zoltan Kádár; (01-Jul-2013)

Language and Education : Learning and Teaching in Society
(Reviewer: Gail Karen Al Hafidh) - - Ruqaiya Hasan; Jonathan J. Webster; (18-Feb-2013)

Writing Readable Research : A Guide for Students of Social Science
(Reviewer: Patricia E. Zoltan) - - Beverly A. Lewin; (22-Jan-2013)

The Phonology of Contrast
(Reviewer: Joseph W Windsor) - - Ana Lubowicz; (08-Jan-2013)

The Five-Minute Linguist : Bite-sized Essays on Language and Languages - Second edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Rick Rickerson; Barry Hilton; (18-Nov-2012)

Learning to Write, Reading to Learn : Genre, Knowledge and Pedagogy in the Sydney School
(Reviewer: Jon Clenton) - - David Rose; James R. Martin; (14-Nov-2012)

Aspects of Cognitive Ethnolinguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Jerzy Bartmiński; Joerg Zinken; (24-Sep-2012)

The 'Backwards' Research Guide for Writers : Using your Life for Reflection, Connection, and Inspiration
(Reviewer: Melanie Rockenhaus) - - Sonya Huber; (18-May-2012)

Whys & Therefores : A Rational look at the English Language
(Reviewer: Sheila Ann Dooley) - - William F. Rutherford; (14-Apr-2012)

An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies
(Reviewer: Robert Arthur Cote) - - Anne McCabe; (11-Dec-2011)

Invitation to Systemic Functional Linguistics through the Cardiff Grammar : An extension and simplification of Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar (Third Edition)
(Reviewer: ) - - Robin P Fawcett; (21-Oct-2011)

The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes
(Reviewer: Galit W. Sassoon) - - Zeki Hamawand; (14-Jun-2010)

Playing with Words : Humour in the English Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Barry J. Blake; (15-Aug-2008)

Meaning-Centered Grammar : An Introductory Text
(Reviewer: ) - - Craig Hancock; (03-Apr-2007)

Language, Society and Consciousness
(Reviewer: ) - - Ruqaiya Hasan; Jonathan J. Webster; (25-Jan-2007)