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On the Offensive

By Karen Stollznow

On the Offensive " This book sheds light on the derogatory phrases, insults, slurs, stereotypes, tropes and more that make up linguistic discrimination. Each chapter addresses a different area of prejudice: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexuality; religion; health and disability; physical appearance; and age."

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Research Survey Invitation for Kelley, Caleb 32.1669 May-11-2021
Recruiting Pupils of the 8th G Rinderlin, Rebekka 32.1608 May-09-2021
Categorisation Survey Arif, Imrana 32.1607 May-07-2021
Foreign Accent Rating (English) BortlĂ­k, Jakub 32.1587 May-04-2021
Recruiting Native Speakers of Breitbarth, Anne 32.1586 May-03-2021
Participants Sought for Study Mennen, Ineke 32.1670 May-03-2021
Input from Linguists/Semantici Theunissen, Sam 32.1502 Apr-30-2021
Call for Participants: English Norouzi, Zahra 32.1501 Apr-30-2021
Literacy Precursors (Unpublish Bhalloo, Insiya 32.1433 Apr-21-2021
Music-Movement Questionnaire Grosz, Patrick Georg 32.1365 Apr-16-2021
Embedded Clauses in the Acquis Achury , Astrid 32.1298 Apr-09-2021
Wanted: (monolingual) Native S Jager, Lisette 32.1297 Apr-08-2021
Participants for German Study Hert, Regina 32.1234 Apr-06-2021
Public Opinion of Graffiti Peake, Jeni 32.1239 Apr-04-2021
Invitation to take Part in an Stormbom, Charlotte 32.1206 Apr-02-2021
Request for Assistance Recruit Denton, Lucas 32.1158 Mar-30-2021
Discourse Analysis of Nonsense Pennesi, Karen 32.1096 Mar-24-2021
Alveolar Question Yousif, Bander 32.1034 Mar-19-2021
Recruiting Participants Request Temizel, Aleyna 32.1033 Mar-18-2021
University Language and Commun Koris, Rita 32.1032 Mar-17-2021
Heritage Speakers of Russian f Zdorova, Nina 32.1031 Mar-17-2021
English Grammar and Usage Survey Nishiwaki, Kota 32.957 Mar-16-2021
Looking for Interlingual Subti Khamidullina, Daniya 32.1028 Mar-16-2021
Bilingualism Matters Chicago S Morgan-Short, Kara 32.956 Mar-15-2021
Help with PhD Project Barkallah, Stefanie 32.913 Mar-13-2021

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