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Edited by H. Samy Alim, John R. Rickford, and Arnetha F. Ball

Raciolinguistics "Brings together a critical mass of scholars to form a new field dedicated to theorizing and analyzing language and race together."

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Sociolinguistics from the Periphery

By Sari Pietikäinen, FinlandAlexandra Jaffe, Long BeachHelen Kelly-Holmes, and Nikolas Coupland

Sociolinguistics from the Periphery "presents a fascinating book about change: shifting political, economic and cultural conditions; ephemeral, sometimes even seasonal, multilingualism; and altered imaginaries for minority and indigenous languages and their users."

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Q: Mother-in-law/Daughter-in-l Guida, Gina 10.133 Jan-29-1999
Russian Scrambling/Topicalisation Terano, Alexandra 10.1335 Sep-11-1999
English-to-Russian borrowings Kearns, Kate 10.1335 Sep-11-1999
Anti Cog Ling Materials Woods, PR&NCX 10.1336 Sep-11-1999
Bilingual single-parents Wagner, Sonia 10.1336 Sep-11-1999
Qs: Historical roots of functi & Peter Bartsch, Suzie 10.1338 Sep-12-1999
Intransitive Verb + DO phenomenon Bubel, Claudia 10.1341 Sep-13-1999
Russian word formation , Elezar 10.1341 Sep-13-1999
Sociopragmatic data , agnesding 10.1368 Sep-17-1999
Word Formation Schiffman, Harold F 10.1368 Sep-15-1999
References for Semantic Field , manseri 10.1387 Sep-22-1999
Implicature in Russian language Hancheng, Xu 10.1387 Sep-22-1999
Q: Phrasal-level pronunciation guide D. Nilep, Chad 10.1391 Sep-22-1999
A question Al-Najmi, Abdulaziz 10.1391 Sep-21-1999
Phrasal-level pronunciation guide Nilep, Chad 10.1391 Sep-21-1999
A question Al-Najmi, Abdulaziz 10.1391 Sep-22-1999
debugging computational grammars Lavelli, Alberto 10.1395 Sep-23-1999
debugging computational grammars Lavelli, Alberto 10.1395 Sep-23-1999
New NLP Books A. Bralich, Ph.D., Philip 10.140 Jan-29-1999
Micmac grammar , sburdine 10.140 Jan-29-1999
Current linguistics for genera Fox, Margalit 10.1400 Sep-23-1999
Morphology textbooks Hardman, M. J. 10.1400 Sep-23-1999
Morphology textbooks J. Hardman, M. 10.1400 Sep-23-1999
Language comprehension tests Smyth, Ron 10.1401 Sep-23-1999
Interactive software for instr , culver 10.1401 Sep-23-1999

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