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Evolutionary Syntax

By Ljiljana Progovac

This book "outlines novel and testable hypotheses, contains extensive examples from many different languages" and is "presented in accessible language, with more technical discussion in footnotes."

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The Making of Vernacular Singapore English

By Zhiming Bao

This book "proposes a new theory of contact-induced grammatical restructuring" and "offers a new analytical approach to New English from a formal or structural perspective."

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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Pronominal Gender Languages Audring, Jenny 17.912 Mar-24-2006
Eighteenth-century English linguistics Auer, Anita 8.1471 May-01-2004
Language and Gender Course: Te Auger, Julie 19.1206 Apr-07-2008
Naming Practices and Titles Auger, Julie 16.78 Jan-05-2005
Assisted Causation in Marathi Austin, Gavin 19.2102 Jun-30-2008
OT Approaches to Second Language Syntax Austin, Gavin 16.81 Jan-11-2005
Definiteness/Specificity in Co Austin, Gavin 19.442 Feb-06-2008
OT Approaches to L2 Syntax Austin, Gavin 16.162 Jan-18-2005
Article Typology Austin, Gavin 19.522 Feb-11-2008
Hindi Causatives Austin, Gavin 19.1789 Jun-02-2008
Sri Lankan University Students Austin, Gavin 18.2762 Sep-21-2007
Literature on Parliamentary Discourse Ayodele, Ayo 16.2944 Oct-11-2005
Critical Discourse Analysis and Teaching Azizinia, Hamed 16.3197 Nov-04-2005
Semantics: Verbs as Motion Events Azkia, Neda 22.408 Jan-19-2011
Native Speakers' Intuitions ab Azzaro, Gabriele 16.2323 Aug-03-2005
Two variants of schwa Azzaro, Gabriele 7.1795 Dec-17-1996
L'utilisation des pronoms 'tu'et 'vous' BASKIN, Feray 19.776 Mar-06-2008
Trends in Consonant Development BEN HAMED, Mahe 18.532 Feb-16-2007
French liaison BILLEREY, ROGER 10.1296 Sep-04-1999
Personal Pronoun Origins Babaev, Kirill 19.2189 Jul-09-2008
Contracted Person Markers with Babaev, Kirill 21.1995 Apr-25-2010
Personal Pronouns in Asia-Pacific Babaev, Kirill 19.2656 Aug-29-2008
Bilingual Experiment Bacuez, Nicholas 16.1324 Apr-24-2005
Tone Realisation in Yoruba Badejo, Bamidele Rotimi 17.2096 Jul-18-2006
Origin of the name 'Chechnia' Bahloul, Maher 13.601 Mar-05-2002

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