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It's Been Said Before

By Orin Hargraves

It's Been Said Before "examines why certain phrases become clichés and why they should be avoided -- or why they still have life left in them."

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Sounds Fascinating

By J. C. Wells

How do you pronounce biopic, synod, and Breughel? - and why? Do our cake and archaic sound the same? Where does the stress go in stalagmite? What's odd about the word epergne? As a finale, the author writes a letter to his 16-year-old self.

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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
'Means-end' Interpretations of Oshima, David 22.781 Feb-15-2011
Multiple Wh-Questions Stepanov, Arthur 17.263 Jan-25-2006
Number Mistakes', Language and Numeracy Fisseni, Bernhard 22.4594 Nov-17-2011
'Only If' Cormack, Annabel 16.3025 Oct-18-2005
'Promise' and Underdetermined Grammars , manaster 9.788 May-26-1998
'USE'/'USAGE' Baldwin, Thomas 10.618 Apr-28-1999
'Wanna' Pronunciations Hudson, Richard 17.411 Feb-06-2006
'What on Earth' Construction polinsky, maria 16.149 Jan-17-2005
'and' and anaphora Geurts, Bart 8.1767 Dec-08-1997
'be' omission in (American?) E T Schutze, Carson 11.1880 Sep-07-2000
'but' Kotcheva, Kristina 11.1795 Aug-23-2000
'decide' from 'cut' Deutscher, Guy 12.3128 Dec-18-2001
'face' = 'eye' huttar, george 13.1982 Jul-26-2002
'get'/'have', particles McIntyre, Andrew 11.1723 Aug-10-2000
'give' and Person Suppletion Comrie, Bernard 11.1012 May-03-2000
'guerre des langues' , msweinst 10.530 Apr-13-1999
'like'/'manner' as Purpose Clause Marker Treis, Yvonne 22.3269 Aug-16-2011
'missing' language types Newmeyer, Frederick 11.398 Feb-25-2000
'of'-NP Preposing in Partitive Fong, Vivienne 9.677 May-09-1998
's for plural Gaines, Phil 12.2558 Oct-13-2001
'short -n- sweet' classics Kingsbury, Paul 14.2075 Aug-05-2003
'with' in QUECHUA Vassilieva, Masha 13.661 Mar-11-2002
(British?) English 'Should Of' Jones, Mark 17.1819 Jun-16-2006
(Volunteers) Validating Stimul Vial, Mariana 17.1297 Apr-27-2006
Seeking Arabic Corpus Kanjawi, Reem 15.3270 Nov-21-2004

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