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On the Offensive

By Karen Stollznow

On the Offensive " This book sheds light on the derogatory phrases, insults, slurs, stereotypes, tropes and more that make up linguistic discrimination. Each chapter addresses a different area of prejudice: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexuality; religion; health and disability; physical appearance; and age."

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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Survey on Syntactic Intuitions Brøcker, Karen 30.3815 Oct-08-2019
Leontaridi, Eleni (2019), Plur Leontaridi, Eleni 30.2125 May-20-2019
Matrices in Linguistics Denison, David 30.2146 May-18-2019
Aktuelle Sprachwissenschaft Gruhle, Anna 30.1023 Feb-24-2019
Summary of Pluricentricity vs. Dollinger, Stefan 30.884 Feb-20-2019
Contactemes which Develop a Pr Kežić, Marin 29.3927 Oct-03-2018
Indexical Shift Data Kuram, Kadri 29.3455 Sep-04-2018
Final Report: Survey on Childc Sayers, Dave 29.2515 Jun-13-2018
Summary of Disciplinary Histor Dollinger, Stefan 29.1657 Apr-17-2018
Pluricentric Languages: Fundamentals Dollinger, Stefan 29.822 Feb-20-2018
Adjunction Site for Time Adver Breul, Carsten 28.4697 Nov-04-2017
Grammatical Analysis at School Hudson, Dick 28.3811 Sep-18-2017
Courses on Swearing and Taboo Language McGarrity, Laura 28.3483 Aug-18-2017
Lexicography and variation: bi Dollinger, Stefan 27.2136 May-06-2016
Some results of Language Learn Peek, Ron 26.4932 Nov-01-2015
26.2105, Qs: Epistemic Myoga, Seiichi 26.2445 May-10-2015
Morphology of tense across languages Cohen, Ariel 26.1711 Mar-28-2015
Summary of Etymology of the La Sundar, A S 26.1302 Mar-08-2015
Results of the PARSEME MWE survey Losnegaard, Gyri Smørdal 25.3813 Sep-29-2014
Query Voir 'to see' in impera Leger, Catherine 25.3111 Jul-29-2014
Language use of Frisian teenag de Boer, Richard 25.1781 Apr-17-2014
Results of survey on accidenta Griffin, Zenzi 25.267 Jan-15-2014
Classics in Educational Lingui Brenchley, Mark 24.2948 Jul-19-2013
Lexicalizations of Negative Senses Veselinova, Ljuba 24.2396 Jun-12-2013
Forensic Transcription - Exper Fraser, Helen 24.2221 May-29-2013

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