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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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49 Summaries on Applied Linguistics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Summary-AAE & lg acquisition CRafal CRafal 9.1539 03-Nov-1998
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
An interim report of the "understandability" Q. Noriko Nakanishi 15.2412 29-Aug-2004
Apostrophe Rules in Langs Daniel Buncic 13.1566 31-May-2002
Bi/Multilingualism and Specific Genres of Writing Deborah Chua 21.2428 27-May-2010
Reflexivity by surrogacy Ahmad R Lotfi 12.3064 07-Dec-2001
Classics in Educational Linguistics: A Bibliography Mark Brenchley 24.2948 19-Jul-2013
Equivalents to the General Service List Zoe Handley 20.513 18-Feb-2009
For Query: 10.1695.2 E-mail Register/Register Shifting Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva 10.1737 15-Nov-1999
Foreign Language Learning Disability: Summary Andrea Osburne 9.213 11-Feb-1998
Sum: GoldVarb (addendum) Mario Cal Varela 9.1461 20-Oct-1998
Graduate Course in Lexical Semantics: Readings Request Heidi Harley 10.1601 24-Oct-1999
Grammar Texts for English Ed Teachers Larry LaFond 16.420 11-Feb-2005
Sum: History of For. Lang. Teaching/Lang. Policy Erica Benson 8.267 20-Feb-1997
L2 Lang Acq: Advanced Learners' Dictionaries Julia Miller 21.4607 10-Nov-2010
summary: L2 effects on L1 yuichi Todaka 8.475 07-Apr-1997
Language Brokering as a Research Topic Jack Hall 16.882 22-Mar-2005
Language as a Diagnostic Criterion for Psychosis Veronika Koller 20.2265 22-Jun-2009
Lexicography and variation: big data via Google? Stefan Dollinger 27.2136 06-May-2016
SUM Master's dissertation Pia Kohlmyr 8.1222 21-Aug-1997
Measuring Standard Fluency Rates Gina Joue 12.1576 15-Jun-2001
Mosaic Rhyme Karen S. Chung 12.2083 22-Aug-2001
Na'vi Research Study Results Christine Schreyer 22.4038 13-Oct-2011
Outreach Programs in K-12 schools Paula Chesley 18.1952 28-Jun-2007
Parallel texts in FL learning John Nerbonne 10.704 08-May-1999
Philosophies for Teaching Intro to Linguistics Jo Mackiewicz 15.2411 27-Aug-2004
Phonetics/Phonology Texts for Lg. Teachers Richard Cameron 17.3410 20-Nov-2006
Blind Student in Foreign Language Class Beate Luo 12.905 01-Apr-2001
readability responses SHAPERJJ@m4-arts bham ac uk> 8.228 12-Feb-1997
Recasts as Corrective Feedback Yue Li 18.2004 30-Jun-2007
Results of survey on accidental name substitutions Zenzi Griffin 25.267 15-Jan-2014
ESL/Typical Errors Made by Finns/Part 2 John Hammink 13.2172 25-Aug-2002
Sociolinguistics/TESL Text mfinney mfinney 8.631 29-Apr-1997
Some results of Language Learning Beliefs Survey Ron Peek 26.4932 01-Nov-2015
Spanish for Bilinguals/Native Speakers Douglas Demo 8.275 25-Feb-1997
Spanish Frequency Counts Harriet Bowden 15.3326 29-Nov-2004
Sum: Typical "mistakes" made by Finns part 1 of 2 John Hammink 13.2133 15-Aug-2002
TOEFL and Konkani Speakers Ohkado Masayuki 12.1136 25-Apr-2001
teaching blind student DAVE GOUGH 10.710 06-May-1999
Tests of English Language Proficiency Yana Pugach 18.689 04-Mar-2007
The State of Applied Linguistics & TGT Ronald Sheen 18.2812 27-Sep-2007
Traditional Grammar Teaching Ron Sheen 18.1805 14-Jun-2007
Technology in Linguistics Classes Kirk Hazen 9.1825 22-Dec-1998
corpus studies, elementary and high school texts Stacia Levy 15.1259 16-Apr-2004
kanji by grade level (10.1265) Mark Mandel 10.1965 17-Dec-1999
History of English textbook Ocke-Schwen Bohn 10.1957 17-Dec-1999
Sum: French section of the Handbook of the IPA Neil Coffey 10.1908 10-Dec-1999
Infant-Directed Speech Fay Wouk 14.2805 16-Oct-2003
Vocative Case/DPs James Myers 15.888 15-Mar-2004