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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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58 Summaries on Discourse Analysis

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Pluricentric Languages: Fundamentals Stefan Dollinger 29.822 20-Feb-2018
References on ellipsis Jose Rodriguez 22.4541 10-Nov-2011
Bi/Multilingualism and Specific Genres of Writing Deborah Chua 21.2428 27-May-2010
Gender, Sexuality, and Language on the Internet James Davis 21.2247 12-May-2010
Discourse Analysis of Football (Soccer) Commentators Neda Bimesl 21.1837 14-Apr-2010
Relationship Between Spoken and Written Grammar Mark Brenchley 21.1692 05-Apr-2010
Transcribing Group Interactions Anne de la Croix 21.1459 25-Mar-2010
References for Research on Popular Culture Monika Bednarek 18.2005 03-Jul-2007
References on Future Expression in French Fanny Forsberg 17.992 31-Mar-2006
Acquisition of Narratives in L2 Christine Moeller 17.932 28-Mar-2006
Concordance Programs Chris Coleman 17.697 06-Mar-2006
Language Interference Elena Gerdowa 16.3290 15-Nov-2005
Ordering of Names Cate Dolan 16.3105 27-Oct-2005
Endangered Language Breakdown Serena Crivellaro 16.2815 27-Sep-2005
Historical Present Outside of Indo-European Keira Ballantyne 16.2237 22-Jul-2005
Discourse Initial 'And' George Huttar 16.569 24-Feb-2005
Use of 'What it is is' Emma Pavey 16.288 29-Jan-2005
Parenthetical 'What' Yordanka Kavalova 15.3385 03-Dec-2004
Narrative Emma Moore 15.25 05-Jan-2004
Repetition and fluency Ewa Dabrowska 14.3541 15-Dec-2003
Discourse Functions of Nominal Terms Claudia Bubel 14.3403 09-Dec-2003
Table query Anna-Malin Karlsson 14.3402 06-Dec-2003
Discourse functions of nominal terms of address Claudia Bubel 14.3403 02-Dec-2003
Discourse-Initial 'and' George Huttar 14.1163 22-Apr-2003
Speaker Recognition Tapes Given in Evidence Fay Wouk 14.876 26-Mar-2003
German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 21-Nov-2002
German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 14-Nov-2002
Sum: I'll shall, I'd should, I'd might etc. Carsten Breul 13.2513 01-Oct-2002
Mobile diphthongs in Italian Bart van der Veer 13.465 19-Feb-2002
"Ventriloquizing" in Discourse Cynthia Gordon 12.2502 08-Oct-2001
"Netiquette" on Linguist Richard Sproat 12.2439 02-Oct-2001
Use of the Term 'Reporting' Minako Nakayasu 12.991 07-Apr-2001
Conclusion and Premise Indicators Marianne J Washburn 11.546 08-Mar-2000
Self-repair Quote Caroline L Rieger 11.478 06-Mar-2000
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 25-Jan-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses mwl1 mwl1 11.165 25-Jan-2000
re Query:10.1759:Code-Switching:Matrix Language Sophie ALBY 10.1822 29-Nov-1999
Code-switching - matrix language Sophie ALBY 10.1787 24-Nov-1999
For Query: 10.1695.2 E-mail Register/Register Shifting Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva 10.1737 15-Nov-1999
Graphic Discourse Analysis Damon Clark 10.1647 22-Oct-1999
Graphic Discourse Analysis Damon Clark 10.1647 22-Oct-1999
code switching Sophie ALBY 10.1571 20-Oct-1999
Code-switching/ French-Kali'na Sophie ALBY 10.1558 18-Oct-1999
Code-switching/ French-Kali'na Sophie ALBY 10.1558 18-Oct-1999
Christian Kjaer Nelson 10.1163 04-Aug-1999
Summary of Spanish discourse terms Douglas Demo 10.754 17-May-1999
Negotiation in interaction Wilfried Oeller 8.675 19-Nov-1998
Negotiation in interaction Wilfried Oeller 9.1645 19-Nov-1998
(Un)certainty Henny Klein 9.329 05-Mar-1998
intercultural communication Christiane Meierkord 8.1031 09-Jul-1997
Empathetic deixis comments Djordje Vidanovic 8.1020 05-Jul-1997
sum:frequency Marcial Terradez 8.930 16-Jun-1997
Sum: Maximal Onsets Ivan A Derzhanski 8.647 02-May-1997
Re: Summary: 'No' and 'Man' dave gough 8.585 25-Apr-1997
Conversational Repair M Eleftheriadou 8.579 24-Apr-1997
'Sorry to interrupt you, but . . .' Ann Jorid Klungervik 8.553 21-Apr-1997
Selcuk Issever 8.454 31-Mar-1997
summary maillists for ca/ethnomethodology and sociolinguistics pkbdg pkbdg 8.10 10-Jan-1997