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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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54 Summaries on Historical Linguistics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Summary of Pluricentricity vs. Pluri-areality Stefan Dollinger 30.884 20-Feb-2019
Pluricentric Languages: Fundamentals Stefan Dollinger 29.822 20-Feb-2018
Lexicography and variation: big data via Google? Stefan Dollinger 27.2136 06-May-2016
Surnames of Italian Homesteaders in Western Canada Mary C Marino 23.4737 10-Nov-2012
11th Century North Indian Languages Amitha Knight 22.2051 10-May-2011
Resources: History of the Italian Language Regina Morin 21.4730 24-Nov-2010
Resource Search: History of American English Ashley Williams 21.3388 23-Aug-2010
/f/ to /theta/ Sound Changes Ryan Bennett 21.2719 25-Jun-2010
Kissing in Letters and Texts Hugo Griffiths 20.2889 25-Aug-2009
Lithuanian knóju Leo Connolly 19.2633 27-Aug-2008
Terms for Comparative Philology Andreas Katonis 19.2070 27-Jun-2008
Negation in Slavic Languages Ljuba Veselinova 19.1733 30-May-2008
Russian Oxytone Nouns in /og/ Brent de Chene 18.1466 13-May-2007
Predicate Case in Russian (development of) Ora Matushansky 17.2789 26-Sep-2006
History of French Textbooks Richard Epstein 17.2134 15-Jul-2006
Ancient Hebrew and Greek Swadesh Lists Piers Kelly 17.2008 07-Jul-2006
Young People's Varieties Claire Bowern 17.1142 14-Apr-2006
Chinese Historical Syntax Keith Slater 16.2536 31-Aug-2005
Most Conservative Language Pete Unseth 16.2461 22-Aug-2005
Language extinction, Neolithic Revolution John Kingston 16.2089 04-Jul-2005
Negation Systems Claire Lampp 16.1957 24-Jun-2005
The Origin of Agreement Systems Greville Corbett 16.1000 31-Mar-2005
Click Origins Mark Jones 16.941 28-Mar-2005
Use of 'Substitute' David Denison 15.3568 21-Dec-2004
Summary Dates Dictionary of Old English Corpus Martine Taeymans 15.3389 11-Dec-2004
A Definition of Stress Vadim Cherny 15.2897 02-Oct-2004
Undergraduate Historical Ling Text Z S 13.3407 18-Dec-2002
Summary: Swadesh query Robin Allott 13.2622 13-Oct-2002
borrowing of verbs george huttar 13.588 01-Mar-2002
Fortition of Palatal Glide in Romance Steven Schaufele 13.463 16-Feb-2002
Status of Assyrian Language Ahmad R. Lotfi 12.2363 24-Sep-2001
loans/metaphors Petek Kurtboke 11.1306 10-Jun-2000
Redundant Word Pairs Scott Newstrom 11.637 18-Mar-2000
Change of English Usage Atsuko Umesaki 11.615 17-Mar-2000
for Query 11.186 Feminine names ending in '-a' Kentaro Toyama 11.352 17-Feb-2000
for Query 11.190:"a couple" vs "a couple of" Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 01-Feb-2000
2nd Summary: Complementizers Neil Salmond 10.1838 06-Dec-1999
Sum: Eng.Complementizer Neil Salmond 10.1838 01-Dec-1999
Sum: Papiamentu Annie L Clark 10.1539 15-Oct-1999
Word-initial /h/ Daniel Sokol 10.1071 14-Jul-1999
Re: 9.1779 International Words Karen Steffen Chung 10.703 07-May-1999
English Roots within English Words/Completion Summary Jack Williams 10.655 03-May-1999
Syntactic calque cristina corcoll 10.66 15-Jan-1999
Third Summary, Lexical Borrowing [email protected] net> 10.11 26-Dec-1998
Lexical Borrowing [email protected] net 9.1777 09-Dec-1998
Apple-word, Summary Theo Vennemann 9.421 17-Mar-1998
Summary: 'cookies' monika bruendl 9.309 02-Mar-1998
Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.253 19-Feb-1998
Sum: Pronoun Rolf Tatje 9.229 13-Feb-1998
two summaries Melanie Misanchuk 8.810 29-May-1997
ivory tower Misha Becker 8.455 03-Apr-1997
SUM: Adjectival inflection in Old English Fernando Martinho 8.342 08-Mar-1997
Sum: Low vowels in PIE Steven Schaufele 8.113 26-Jan-1997