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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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92 Summaries on Morphology

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Matrices in Linguistics David Denison 30.2146 18-May-2019
Morphology of tense across languages Ariel Cohen 26.1711 28-Mar-2015
Suppletion Cross-linguistically Responses Piers Kelly 23.1266 12-Mar-2012
Early Sense of the Word 'Morpheme' Stephen Anderson 22.2608 21-Jun-2011
Goal-Location-Source Ambiguities Sander Lestrade 19.3044 07-Oct-2008
Tagger for Dari, Farsi/Persian Christine de Bond 19.2161 04-Jul-2008
Overt Markers on Mass Nouns Michael Barrie 19.1497 04-May-2008
Partial /p/ Reduplicants Mark Jones 18.3005 15-Oct-2007
Russian Oxytone Nouns in /og/ Brent de Chene 18.1466 13-May-2007
Word Formation Units Sascha Michel 18.896 22-Mar-2007
Saussure on Word-Formation Bruno Maroneze 18.824 17-Mar-2007
Predicate Case in Russian (development of) Ora Matushansky 17.2789 26-Sep-2006
Surcomposé Tenses Gerhard Schaden 17.812 16-Mar-2006
Suppletive Comparative Adjectives Jonathan Bobaljik 17.490 15-Feb-2006
Only If Annabel Cormack 16.3643 21-Dec-2005
Allomorphic Variation sue fox 16.2907 07-Oct-2005
Ottawa Animacy Hierarchy Naomi Fox 16.837 18-Mar-2005
Grammatical Complexity, Part II Kaius Sinnemäki 15.3530 19-Dec-2004
Grammatical Complexity, Part I Kaius Sinnemäki 15.3529 18-Dec-2004
English Dialect Alternation: Was/Were Mark Jones 15.3282 22-Nov-2004
Verb Movement & No Morphology: Languages Mark de Vos 15.2954 18-Oct-2004
English Affix Reduplication Andrew McIntyre 15.1929 27-Jun-2004
Summary: Things that no languages do Fritz Newmeyer 15.1701 01-Jun-2004
Summary: Latin / English Plural of Virus Ninja Looter 8.675 13-May-2004
-EZ Suffix on Spanish Surnames Tom Flynn 15.1432 04-May-2004
Cross-ling Secret/Nonsense Language Names Leena Kolehmainen 15.1085 30-Mar-2004
Afixat:reply to infix mark leci 15.966 23-Mar-2004
infixing mark leci 15.966 23-Mar-2004
Expletive Infixation Mircea Sauciuc 15.968 22-Mar-2004
vocative case and DPs: summary James Myers 15.888 14-Mar-2004
Most Frequently Used German Words christina mendez 15.769 03-Mar-2004
Sum: thematic vowels in Latin verbs Bruno Maroneze 15.696 24-Feb-2004
French Counting System Kim Ruth 15.533 09-Feb-2004
Re: Q's 15.44 Hale reference Donna Lardiere 15.291 23-Jan-2004
English Topicalization Peter Jenks 14.3365 06-Dec-2003
Summary: Tagalog linking particle Rose Thomas 14.3364 05-Dec-2003
Japanese Suffixes Benjamin Barrett 14.3304 01-Dec-2003
Summary of replies to query about aspect in Baltic Rose Thomas 14.2230 23-Aug-2003
summary: adnominal possessives and animacy Anette Rosenbach 14.2077 05-Aug-2003
Evolution of number in Slavonic languages Benítez-Burraco Antonio 8.675 15-Jul-2003
Summary: VVCC superheavy syllable Andrew Horne 14.1916 13-Jul-2003
Summary: scope of negation in Bengali Jonny Butler 14.1631 09-Jun-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 3 David Palfreyman 14.1205 22-Apr-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 4 David Palfreyman 14.1205 22-Apr-2003
Compounding in Creoles Joseph T. Farquharson 14.958 25-Mar-2003
VERB into VERBing Stefan Th. Gries 14.838 21-Mar-2003
Pronouns and Demonstratives Susan Lloyd McBurney 14.796 19-Mar-2003
German NP inflection (continued) Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 19-Mar-2003
adjective and determiner inflection in German NPs Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 19-Mar-2003
Sum: Subtraction in Numerals Ivan A Derzhanski 13.3329 11-Dec-2002
Development of Agreement Morphology/Pt2 Eric Fuss 13.2566 08-Oct-2002
Development of Agreement Morphology - part 1 Eric Fuss 13.2514 01-Oct-2002
'Face/Eye' Polysemy George Huttar 13.2110 16-Aug-2002
Emotion Verbs René Schiering 13.1128 23-Apr-2002
Motion verbs + Manner Stathis Selimis 13.899 01-Apr-2002
Chinese word frequency list dhang dhang 13.901 31-Mar-2002
sum: amendment to the summary of -heit/keit in German Stefan Ploch 13.746 20-Mar-2002
Sum: The distribution of -heit/keit in German, or criteria of assessing morphological complexity Stefan Ploch 13.702 13-Mar-2002
phonotactics in morphological blocking and suppletion John Alderete 13.92 14-Jan-2002
'Chicago' Etymology Revisited carl j weber 12.3102 14-Dec-2001
Greek Clitic Doubling Andrew Janes 12.2680 26-Oct-2001
Reflexive Markers in Ancient/Modern Greek Konstantinia Hatzopulu 12.2390 26-Sep-2001
Unmarked Possessives Joost Kremers 12.1577 15-Jun-2001
German Particle Simone Mueller 12.1361 15-May-2001
Mass/Count Nouns Lotfi Ahmad 12.1183 30-Apr-2001
Summary: Morphology Texts Dr MJ Hardman 11.1079 11-May-2000
Null Subject Languages Ronald Sheen 11.929 21-Apr-2000
Negative Particles in NP Marina Vassiliou 11.726 30-Mar-2000
Spanish clitic Randy Sharp 11.638 20-Mar-2000
Typology of Noun Classifiers Lisa Johnson 11.610 14-Mar-2000
English Derivational/Inflectional Morphology Analyzer Carmen Cross 11.307 08-Feb-2000
Comitative Timur Maisak 11.198 31-Jan-2000
Sum: Verbal interrogatives (11.119) Lameen Souag 11.126 22-Jan-2000
for Query:10.1728 Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs Dave Gough 10.1917 11-Dec-1999
Homophonous Affixes mike_maxwell mike_maxwell 10.1764 19-Nov-1999
homophonous affixes Mike Maxwell Mike Maxwell 10.1764 19-Nov-1999
Cyber-linguistic Questions Larry Chong 10.1610 24-Oct-1999
Summary: Echo-word Reduplication Harold F Schiffman 10.1528 14-Oct-1999
Linking elements in compounds Andrea Krott 10.1477 07-Oct-1999
Chinese & Pro-drop Phenomema Abdulaziz Al-Najmi 10.1426 28-Sep-1999
French Liaison Roger Billerey 10.1330 09-Sep-1999
Double Possessives Tong Zhimin 10.1239 22-Aug-1999
Person Marking mike_maxwell mike_maxwell 10.856 04-Jun-1999
Bilingual compounding references Erika Levy 10.317 26-Feb-1999
Summary on contractions in English Alan Smith 10.127 27-Jan-1999
Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1770 08-Dec-1998
Morphosyntactic Features: 2nd summary Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1644 18-Nov-1998
summary responses to Spanish gender (9.1567) Maria Jose Alvarez-Torres 9.1581 10-Nov-1998
O-words: colloquial/slangy words ending in <-o> Mikael Parkvall 9.360 08-Mar-1998
GREPPING SUMMARY Dr R Doctor 8.1178 14-Aug-1997
angry/hungry et al? alan harris 8.929 17-Jun-1997
Summary: Nonce formations in Italian: verbs in -acchiare, -icchiare, -ucchiare Elmar Schafroth 8.719 13-May-1997