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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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85 Summaries on Phonetics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Forensic Transcription - Experiment Results Helen Fraser 24.2221 29-May-2013
Results from Prior Navajo Sibilant Harmony Query Kelly Berkson 22.2719 29-Jun-2011
Velarisation/Pharyngealisation of Laterals Daniela Müller 22.572 02-Feb-2011
/f/ to /theta/ Sound Changes Ryan Bennett 21.2719 25-Jun-2010
/l/-Palatalisation in the Complex Onset (2) Daniela Müller 19.2328 23-Jul-2008
/l/-Palatalisation in Complex Onsets Daniela Müller 19.2226 10-Jul-2008
Transcription Symbol for Unaspirated Alexandre Arkhipov 19.1231 09-Apr-2008
The Behavior of Labiovelars Joaquim Brandão de Carvalho 19.523 04-Feb-2008
Stephen King's Uvular Nasal Tap Karen Chung 18.2240 18-Jul-2007
Contour-tone-only Languages? Jennifer Alexander 18.1302 27-Apr-2007
Sound-File Formats for Speech Recordings Mario Cal-Varela 17.2233 01-Aug-2006
Query 17.2096 Tone Realisation in Yoruba B-Rotimi Badejo 17.2202 30-Jul-2006
Measuring Vowel Duration from Spectrogrammes Roy Becker 17.480 11-Feb-2006
Modification : Solid-state Recorders Marc Brunelle 16.2814 30-Sep-2005
Solid-state Recorders Marc Brunelle 16.2710 17-Sep-2005
Consonant Effects on Pitch Jason Brown 16.1958 23-Jun-2005
Click Origins Mark Jones 16.941 28-Mar-2005
Australian [ae]-lengthening Tonio Green 16.858 21-Mar-2005
Braille and Phonetics Sarah Gray 16.770 14-Mar-2005
French Lip Rounding Ian Wilson 15.3479 11-Dec-2004
English Pronunciation: Bolth Part 3 John Esposito 15.3323 26-Nov-2004
English Pronunciation: Bolth Part 2 John Esposito 15.3279 20-Nov-2004
English Pronunciation: Bolth Part 1 John Esposito 15.3278 20-Nov-2004
Phonetically Transcribed Italian Corpus Christina Villafana 15.3192 13-Nov-2004
Monophthongal Canadian English /e/ and /o/ Juli Cebrian 15.2898 08-Oct-2004
A Definition of Stress Vadim Cherny 15.2897 02-Oct-2004
Initial/final lengthening in Italian and Hungarian Laurence White 15.2323 17-Aug-2004
Summary of Aspiration in English sCC Katalin Balogne Berces 15.1928 26-Jun-2004
Interdental /l Part 2 Mark Jones 15.1889 22-Jun-2004
Summary: Interdental /l/ part 1 Mark Jones 15.1836 17-Jun-2004
Interdental /l - Part 1 Mark Jones 15.1836 17-Jun-2004
Sum: Sum: Onsetless syllables Katalin Balogne Berces 15.289 13-Mar-2004
Neutral vowels across languages, Part I Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3574 20-Dec-2003
Neutral vowels across languages, Part II Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3575 20-Dec-2003
Neutral vowels across languages Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3575 14-Dec-2003
Vowel/Zero Terms Ivan A Derzhanski 14.3224 24-Nov-2003
Marked Phonemes of Endangered Languages Clare Mac Cumhaill 14.2943 29-Oct-2003
Using UPSID in teaching linguistics Zoe Toft 14.1932 15-Jul-2003
Paralinguictic clicks (summary) Mark Jones 14.1250 02-May-2003
French 'r', Spanish 'rr' Jen Mah 14.652 06-Mar-2003
Summary - Pronunciation Poem Karen Smith 13.3353 17-Dec-2002
summary of responses re: query on hi vowels and dorsal consonants Dave & Julie Eberhard 13.3330 14-Dec-2002
Model/Sample English recordings Yasuo Nakajima 13.2973 13-Nov-2002
Theta/f Variation in Varieties of English Kirk Hazen 13.1959 18-Jul-2002
Phonetics: s/z/h Alteration Remy Viredaz 13.1596 12-Jul-2002
Vowel Normalization Procedures Dom Watt 13.1146 24-Apr-2002
English pretonic syncope Katalin Balogne Berces 13.971 08-Apr-2002
Voicing-conditioned vowel alternations Elliott Moreton 13.450 14-Feb-2002
head prominence and floating tones Mike Cahill 13.134 18-Jan-2002
Pronunciation of Heinrich Pfandl 13.108 16-Jan-2002
Trills and Second Language Accent Karen S. Chung 12.2753 03-Nov-2001
Syllabic Consonants Zoe Toft 12.1895 25-Jul-2001
labiodental consonants Carol L Tenny 12.1496 06-Jun-2001
Waves Alternatives Joybrato Mukherjee 12.637 08-Mar-2001
Fieldwork Recorder Advice HMooney HMooney 11.1346 14-Jun-2000
IPA on the Internet Manfred Prokop 11.917 19-Apr-2000
for Query 11.186 Feminine names ending in '-a' Kentaro Toyama 11.352 17-Feb-2000
Speaking without teeth Mai Kuha 11.303 12-Feb-2000
For Query 11.94: American English Flap Jorge Guitart 11.125 20-Jan-2000
Sum: French section of the Handbook of the IPA Neil Coffey 10.1908 10-Dec-1999
Homophonous Affixes mike_maxwell mike_maxwell 10.1764 19-Nov-1999
OFTEN pronounced with t Neal R Norrick 10.1666 03-Nov-1999
Voiceprints Annie L Clark 10.1526 14-Oct-1999
Sum: Bilingual Puns Anatol Stefanowitsch 10.1515 13-Oct-1999
Phrase Level Pronunciation texts Chad D Nilep 10.1467 06-Oct-1999
Clicks Nick Reid 10.1217 19-Aug-1999
George Elgin, Suzette Haden 10.1117 22-Jul-1999
Word-initial /h/ Daniel Sokol 10.1071 14-Jul-1999
Speech science and L2 responses Cor9999 Cor9999 10.1025 01-Jul-1999
IPA Fonts Jim Strand 10.984 24-Jun-1999
Summary: Post 1990 sources on Stressed/Syllable-timing Andries Coetzee 10.614 28-Apr-1999
Whistling Language ( Canary Islands ) Bruce Downing 10.490 02-Apr-1999
Articulatory posturing of Tuvan throat singers Anthony M Lewis 10.420 18-Mar-1999
Summary: English /(s)tr/ clusters shelly harrison 10.217 10-Feb-1999
Revised - American /t/ Dan Faulkner 10.51 12-Jan-1999
Summary: American /t/ Dan Faulkner 10.44 11-Jan-1999
Creaky voice/formant frequencies Silvia Moosmueller 9.407 19-Mar-1998
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 25-Jun-1997
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 25-Jun-1997
Sum: Reactions to synthetic speech Bente Henrikka Moxness 8.824 02-Jun-1997
Summary:Hmong Susan Meredith Burt 8.666 06-May-1997
Whispering and singing in tone languages Susan Fischer 8.567 22-Apr-1997
Sum: bilabial trill cpeust cpeust 8.45 16-Jan-1997
Sum: Two variants of schwa. Gabriele Azzaro 8.44 16-Jan-1997
Summary for 10.1720: creaky/stiff voice/laryngealised vs. ejectives Johannes Reese 11.8 04-Jan-1980