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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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96 Summaries on Sociolinguistics

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Summary of Pluricentricity vs. Pluri-areality Stefan Dollinger 30.884 20-Feb-2019
Pluricentric Languages: Fundamentals Stefan Dollinger 29.822 20-Feb-2018
Lexicography and variation: big data via Google? Stefan Dollinger 27.2136 06-May-2016
Language use of Frisian teenagers on social media Richard de Boer 25.1781 17-Apr-2014
Perception and Impression of Non-native English Noriko Nakanishi 22.3552 06-Sep-2011
11th Century North Indian Languages Amitha Knight 22.2051 10-May-2011
Resource Search: History of American English Ashley Williams 21.3388 23-Aug-2010
Gender, Sexuality, and Language on the Internet James Davis 21.2247 12-May-2010
Discourse Analysis of Football (Soccer) Commentators Neda Bimesl 21.1837 14-Apr-2010
Transcribing Group Interactions Anne de la Croix 21.1459 25-Mar-2010
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in Science Fiction Flaminia Robu 21.921 24-Feb-2010
British Dialects: Cockney Lida Cope 20.3610 23-Oct-2009
Animal Names Used in Addressing People Katalin Balogné Bérces 20.295 28-Jan-2009
19th Century Dialects of Western Massachusetts Julie Roberts 18.2600 06-Sep-2007
Stephen King's Uvular Nasal Tap Karen Chung 18.2240 18-Jul-2007
References for Research on Popular Culture Monika Bednarek 18.2005 03-Jul-2007
Dialectology Citation Julie Roberts 17.1913 27-Jun-2006
Accent Studies - Compilation Roberto Perez 17.1776 13-Jun-2006
Young People's Varieties Claire Bowern 17.1142 14-Apr-2006
Language Interference Elena Gerdowa 16.3290 15-Nov-2005
Diffusion of Innovations Sue Hasselbring 16.3104 27-Oct-2005
Ordering of Names Cate Dolan 16.3105 27-Oct-2005
Cocoliche Giuliana Fiorentino 16.3042 21-Oct-2005
Films and Documentaries on Endangered Languages Ole Stig Andersen 16.1562 16-May-2005
American Dialects Stan Anonby 16.1469 09-May-2005
linguistic description of conversational humor Mary Zdrojkowski 16.596 28-Feb-2005
Formula for Addressing Absent Reply Jan Lindström 15.3283 22-Nov-2004
English Dialect Alternation: Was/Were Mark Jones 15.3282 22-Nov-2004
Orient vs. Orientation John Esposito 15.3281 20-Nov-2004
Nushu Language Gabriela Pérez Báez 15.2899 11-Oct-2004
Gender and Normativity in Spoken Language - Sum Yishai Tobin 15.2184 28-Jul-2004
SUM Posting 15.1932 Barbara Avila-Shah 15.2028 07-Jul-2004
Sum - 'booting' Martin Paviour-Smith 15.1606 18-May-2004
attribution of quotes on English borrowing Steve Hartman Keiser 14.1933 15-Jul-2003
Insight Media Videos for Teaching Fay Wouk (FOA DALSL) 14.1804 27-Jun-2003
Compounding in Creoles Joseph T. Farquharson 14.958 25-Mar-2003
EU language planning/policy Ann Jorid Klungervik Greenall 14.837 21-Mar-2003
linguistic autobiographies Michael Erard 14.78 08-Jan-2003
Textbook for Language Planning & Policy Elke Stracke 13.3406 22-Dec-2002
Summary of my query: Textbook for a language planning & policy class Elke Stracke 13.3406 20-Dec-2002
Re: insults .... sergio scalise 13.3243 05-Dec-2002
Re: German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 21-Nov-2002
Age as Sociolinguistic Category Mary Shapiro 13.2458 26-Sep-2002
Lingua Franca in Sign Languages Steven Schaufele 13.258 30-Jan-2002
Japanese/English Codeswitching Chad Nilep 12.2866 14-Nov-2001
"Ventriloquizing" in Discourse Cynthia Gordon 12.2502 08-Oct-2001
Gender Differences in Non-Verbal Communication Michal Lisecki 12.2501 08-Oct-2001
Measuring Standard Fluency Rates Gina Joue 12.1576 15-Jun-2001
TOEFL and Konkani Speakers Ohkado Masayuki 12.1136 25-Apr-2001
summary of foreign-lang (non-Eng) sociolinguistics textbooks Peter L Patrick 11.2418 01-Nov-2000
loans/metaphors P Kurtboke 11.1306 10-Jun-2000
Redundant Word Pairs Scott Newstrom 11.637 18-Mar-2000
Self-repair Quote Caroline L Rieger 11.478 06-Mar-2000
References on jannis androutsopoulos 11.302 13-Feb-2000
Summary of comments on Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 01-Feb-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses mwl1 mwl1 11.165 25-Jan-2000
for Query:10.1759:Air Traffic Controller Language Raija Solatie 10.1848 29-Nov-1999
re Query:10.1759:Code-Switching:Matrix Language Sophie Alby 10.1822 29-Nov-1999
for Query:10.1673 Ling vis-a-vis Socio-economic development Niladri Sekhar Dash 10.1802 24-Nov-1999
for Query:10.1673 Ling vis-a-vis Socio-economic development Niladri Sekhar Dash 10.1802 24-Nov-1999
Code-switching - matrix language Sophie Alby 10.1558 24-Nov-1999
For Query: 10.1695.2 E-mail Register/Register Shifting Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva 10.1737 15-Nov-1999
Audience Design Ludmila Dutkova 10.1672 03-Nov-1999
Cyber-linguistic Questions Larry Chong 10.1610 24-Oct-1999
Code-switching/ French-Kali'na Sophie ALBY 10.1558 18-Oct-1999
Sum: Papiamentu Annie L Clark 10.1526 15-Oct-1999
Sarcastic imperatives Kevin R Gregg 10.918 15-Jun-1999
Languages in Contact Spiro Hamilothoris 10.718 11-May-1999
Re: 9.1779 International Words Karen Steffen Chung 10.703 07-May-1999
Language and Identity Natalia Neumann 10.677 06-May-1999
L2 interdental substitutions DAVE GOUGH 10.662 04-May-1999
Phatic Communion Ann Jorid Klungervik Greenall 10.509 08-Apr-1999
Summary: English /(s)tr/ clusters shelly harrison 10.217 10-Feb-1999
Syntactic calque cristina corcoll 10.66 15-Jan-1999
English-based creole textbook JPKIRCHNER JPKIRCHNER 9.1727 06-Dec-1998
Movies with convincing accents Joseph Tomei 8.675 14-Nov-1998
O-words: colloquial/slangy words ending in <-o> Mikael Parkvall 9.360 08-Mar-1998
Sum: Statistics on Nonverbal Communication George Elgin, Suzette Haden 9.230 14-Feb-1998
Sum: Russian word frequency lists Michael Ullman 9.169 04-Feb-1998
Sum: women's language Hiroaki Tanaka 9.155 02-Feb-1998
Summary: Double-Dutch and Youthese / Pig Latin Waruno Mahdi 8.1208 20-Aug-1997
question on a word -Reply Jonathan Gilbert 8.1123 31-Jul-1997
Sum:'I'd love to.' & 'lovely' Junichi Murata 8.990 03-Jul-1997
Comparatives Jan K Lindstrom 8.1001 02-Jul-1997
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 25-Jun-1997
summary on anglicization of names Larry Rosenwald 8.956 25-Jun-1997
Sum: language comprehension Alain Dawson 8.646 02-May-1997
Sociolinguistics/TESL Text mfinney mfinney 8.631 29-Apr-1997
Sociolinguistic Doctoral Programs Michelle A Hudgins 8.573 22-Apr-1997
Language and Identity in Singapore mari rhydwen 8.534 17-Apr-1997
summary: update on Official English Christopher Mierzejewski 8.466 05-Apr-1997
Construction of illness Arran Stibbe 8.288 24-Feb-1997
Sum: Appalachian English addendum Christen Marie Pearson 8.216 09-Feb-1997
Sum: Appalachian English Christen Marie Pearson 8.168 02-Feb-1997
sum: varieties of English Mario Cal Varela 8.156 29-Jan-1997
summary maillists for ca/ethnomethodology and sociolinguistics pkbdg pkbdg 8.10 10-Jan-1997