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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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207 Summaries on Syntax

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date  Asc / Desc
Survey on Syntactic Intuitions Karen Brøcker 30.3815 08-Oct-2019
Leontaridi, Eleni (2019), Plurifuncionalidad modotemporal en español y griego moderno, Berlin: Peter Lang (ISBN: 978-3-631-77831-9) Eleni Leontaridi 30.2125 20-May-2019
Matrices in Linguistics David Denison 30.2146 18-May-2019
Contactemes which Develop a Productive Pattern Marin Kežić 29.3927 03-Oct-2018
Indexical Shift Data Kadri Kuram 29.3455 04-Sep-2018
Adjunction Site for Time Adverbials in English Carsten Breul 28.4697 04-Nov-2017
26.2105, Qs: Epistemic Seiichi Myoga 26.2445 10-May-2015
References on ellipsis Jose Rodriguez 22.4541 10-Nov-2011
Study: Acceptability Judgments in German Petra-Kristin Bonitz 21.4811 30-Nov-2010
Relationship Between Spoken and Written Grammar Mark Brenchley 21.1692 05-Apr-2010
Strunk & White Research Geoff Pullum 20.2226 17-Jun-2009
Grammatical Category of Worth Karen Stanley 19.3858 14-Dec-2008
Bound Copies as Anaphora Felicia Lee 19.1657 20-May-2008
Me and John Can Do It Lee Hartman 18.2380 08-Aug-2007
Syntax of NP Coordination with PP Modifiers Myroslava Dzikovska 18.1465 13-May-2007
Inflected infinitives in European Portuguese Marcello Modesto 17.3535 28-Nov-2006
Predicate Case in Russian (development of) Ora Matushansky 17.2789 26-Sep-2006
The Preterit and the Present Perfect Takashi Kumagai 17.2583 04-Sep-2006
A Minimalist Approach to Wh-constructions Souad Slaoui 17.2358 17-Aug-2006
Initial Clausal Negation Jan Lindström 17.2359 01-Aug-2006
British English Judgments Felicia Lee 17.2204 31-Jul-2006
The Preterit and the Present Perfect Takashi Kumagai 17.2201 27-Jul-2006
Resultatives in English and Icelandic Matthew Whelpton 17.1868 20-Jun-2006
References on Future Expression in French Fanny Forsberg 17.992 31-Mar-2006
Recursion in Children's Rhymes Jill de Villiers 17.847 18-Mar-2006
Surcomposé Tenses Gerhard Schaden 17.812 16-Mar-2006
Verbal and Nonverbal Word Orders, Part 2 Mark Donohue 17.771 12-Mar-2006
Verbal and Nonverbal Word Orders Mark Donohue 17.615 23-Feb-2006
'In Them There Hills' Neal R. Norrick 17.178 18-Jan-2006
Subjects of Non-inflected and Inflected Verbs Rocío Pérez-Tattam 17.72 10-Jan-2006
Only If Annabel Cormack 16.3643 21-Dec-2005
References: Optional Word Omission, That-omission Florian Jaeger 16.3603 15-Dec-2005
Endangered Language Breakdown Serena Crivellaro 16.2815 27-Sep-2005
Dyslexia and Learning Syntax Mai Kuha 16.2565 06-Sep-2005
Chinese Historical Syntax Keith Slater 16.2536 31-Aug-2005
Resultatives from a cross-linguistic perspective Chao Li 16.1638 18-May-2005
Case-Assignment in Slavic Olga Kagan 16.1563 16-May-2005
The Syntax of Transitive Adjectives Fernando Martinho 16.1227 18-Apr-2005
Unaccusative, Reflexive, and Non-reflexive Konrad Szczesniak 16.1202 14-Apr-2005
The Origin of Agreement Systems Greville Corbett 16.1000 31-Mar-2005
Prenominal Modifiers Yosuke Miyata 16.394 07-Feb-2005
Use of 'What it is is' Emma Pavey 16.288 29-Jan-2005
Grammatical Complexity, Part II Kaius Sinnemäki 15.3530 19-Dec-2004
Grammatical Complexity, Part I Kaius Sinnemäki 15.3529 18-Dec-2004
Parenthetical 'What' Yordanka Kavalova 15.3385 03-Dec-2004
Comparatives/Syntax Heather Taylor 15.3150 09-Nov-2004
Verb Movement & No Morphology: Languages Mark de Vos 15.2954 18-Oct-2004
Syntax of Personal Names Marge McShane 15.1838 17-Jun-2004
Sum [2]:non-literal use of motion Vs in child lang Stathis Selimis 8.675 07-Jun-2004
Summary: undergrad/grad classes in syntax StanleyDubinsky Dubinsky 15.1485 10-May-2004
Sum: Polar interrogatives without auxiliaries Bruno Estigarribia 15.1268 18-Apr-2004
Vocative Case/DPs James Myers 15.888 15-Mar-2004
vocative case and DPs: summary James Myers 15.888 14-Mar-2004
Latin Preposition and Conjunction Order George Huttar 15.541 10-Feb-2004
Summary: Tagalog linking particle Rose Thomas 14.3364 05-Dec-2003
Summary of Intonation Break Eung-Cheon Hah 14.3303 01-Dec-2003
corpus for summarization. Dongqiang Yang 14.3225 23-Nov-2003
Cross-Linguistic Particles Morrison - 14.2880 22-Oct-2003
Passives with object agreement Mark Donohue 8.675 06-Aug-2003
summary: adnominal possessives and animacy Anette Rosenbach 14.2077 05-Aug-2003
Evolution of number in Slavonic languages Benítez-Burraco Antonio 8.675 15-Jul-2003
Valence changing and ergativity Eva Monrós 14.1836 02-Jul-2003
Prenominal Adjectives with Complements Dimitris Ntelitheos 14.1546 30-May-2003
Summary: Aspect in Hindi Srija Sinha 14.1535 29-May-2003
Prosodic Marking of Negation Remijsen A.C.L. 14.1173 23-Apr-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 4 David Palfreyman 14.1205 22-Apr-2003
Tense marking on pronouns David Palfreyman 14.1205 22-Apr-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 3 David Palfreyman 14.1205 22-Apr-2003
Meaning Analysis of a Sentence Hans Prufer 14.1050 08-Apr-2003
Summary on meaning analysis of "The man gives ..." Hans Prufer 14.1050 07-Apr-2003
VERB into VERBing Stefan Th. Gries 14.838 21-Mar-2003
Pronouns and Demonstratives Susan Lloyd McBurney 14.796 19-Mar-2003
German NP inflection (continued) Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 19-Mar-2003
adjective and determiner inflection in German NPs Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 19-Mar-2003
FinP References Borzdyko Oxana 14.352 04-Feb-2003
Re: German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 21-Nov-2002
Summary: Roger Bacon quote Dirk Elzinga 13.2976 15-Nov-2002
Re: Dan Stowell 13.2621 09-Oct-2002
Development of Agreement Morphology - part 1 Eric Fuss 13.2514 01-Oct-2002
Sum: I'll shall, I'd should, I'd might etc. Carsten Breul 13.2513 01-Oct-2002
Nested Restructuring in Italian Eva-Maria Remberger 13.2304 13-Sep-2002
Sum: Nested restructuring in Italian Eva-Maria Remberger 13.2304 12-Sep-2002
DP as a phase Jonny Butler 13.2305 11-Sep-2002
History of Grammaticalization Therese Lindstrom 13.2037 06-Aug-2002
Strong/Weak Crossover Mohammad Rasekh 13.2039 06-Aug-2002
Sum: DP/CP parallelism Joost Kremers 13.2355 24-Jul-2002
Sensation Predicates Daniela Caluianu 13.1364 15-May-2002
Spanish Verb Particles Gjevnoe Kurt 13.1090 19-Apr-2002
Motion verbs + Manner Stathis Selimis 13.899 01-Apr-2002
Chinese word frequency list dhang dhang 13.901 31-Mar-2002
Spanish Usage Responses K. Miller 12.3068 09-Dec-2001
Movement Paradoxes Carsten Breul 12.2972 28-Nov-2001
Re: Neologisms, Slovene/ Greenberg, Marc L 12.2977 27-Nov-2001
Past Imperatives in English Henk Wolf 12.2947 26-Nov-2001
Future Markers in English Benedikt Szmrecsanyi 12.2811 09-Nov-2001
Noun Phrase Constructions in Romance Langs Luis Casillas 12.2688 27-Oct-2001
Topicalization of Wh-Phrases Liang Chen 12.2601 18-Oct-2001
Prefabricated Units Tommy Wasserman 12.2487 07-Oct-2001
Reflexive Markers in Ancient/Modern Greek Konstantinia Hatzopulu 12.2390 26-Sep-2001
Mood & Modality Sharbani Banerji 12.2238 13-Sep-2001
Relative Word Order Frequencies Frederick Newmeyer 12.2201 07-Sep-2001
Quantification and negation (Linguist 12.2064) Bart Geurts 12.2150 29-Aug-2001
Negation in Contemporary French Bruno Estigarribia Fioravanti 12.1851 18-Jul-2001
Wh-questions in Arabic O L Zavitnevich 12.1825 13-Jul-2001
Typology of Multiple Questions Ralf Vogel 12.1725 03-Jul-2001
sum: verbal inflection J M Koppen 12.1629 19-Jun-2001
Unmarked Possessives Joost Kremers 12.1577 15-Jun-2001
Event Structure (Part 2) Andrea Schalley 12.1460 31-May-2001
Focus/Narrow Syntax/Bangla Sharbani Banerji 12.1182 30-Apr-2001
Action Nouns Lars Martin Fosse 12.914 01-Apr-2001
Null Subject in Coordinated Clauses Bruno Oliveira Maroneze 12.226 29-Jan-2001
An Unusual Spanish Construction Colin Whiteley Whiteley 12.38 09-Jan-2001
Sum:English reflexives Makoto SHIMIZU 11.1256 05-Jun-2000
Strong Crossover Task William J Crawford 11.926 22-Apr-2000
Null Subject Languages Ronald Sheen 11.929 21-Apr-2000
Negative Particles in NP Marina Vassiliou 11.726 30-Mar-2000
Spanish clitic Randy Sharp 11.638 20-Mar-2000
Typology of Noun Classifiers Lisa Johnson 11.610 14-Mar-2000
Chomsky & Statistics Joseph Davis 11.567 11-Mar-2000
Summary: English imperatives with overt 'You' (11-265) Kevin R Gregg 11.316 15-Feb-2000
for Query 11.190:"a couple" vs "a couple of" Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 01-Feb-2000
Comitative Timur Maisak 11.198 31-Jan-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses Ming-Wei Lee 11.165 25-Jan-2000
Sum: Verbal interrogatives (11.119) Lameen Souag 11.126 22-Jan-2000
Sum: Verbal interrogatives (11.119) Lameen Souag 11.126 22-Jan-2000
for Query:10.1728 Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs Dave Gough 10.1917 11-Dec-1999
for Query:10.1728 Do Support & Adjectives And Verbs Dave Gough 10.1917 11-Dec-1999
Summary of responses to query on Manitoba Ukrainian Future Tense Stephan Hardy 10.1911 09-Dec-1999
Summary of responses to query on Manitoba Ukrainian Future Tense Stephan Hardy 10.1911 09-Dec-1999
2nd Summary: Complementizers Neil Salmond 10.1838 06-Dec-1999
2nd Summary: Complementizers Neil Salmond 10.1884 06-Dec-1999
Sum: multiple wh-XP interrogatives Carsten Breul 10.1870 03-Dec-1999
Sum: multiple wh-XP interrogatives Carsten Breul 10.1870 03-Dec-1999
Sum: Eng.Complementizer Neil Salmond 10.1838 01-Dec-1999
Sum: Eng.Complementizer Neil Salmond 10.1838 01-Dec-1999
For Query: 10.1587 Negation in French Misako Kitamoto 10.1799 25-Nov-1999
Homophonous Affixes mike_maxwell mike_maxwell 10.1764 19-Nov-1999
For Query: 10.1655/ Persian data and EPP Lotfi Lotfi 10.1710 09-Nov-1999
For Query: 10.1655/ Persian data and EPP Ahmad Lotfi 10.1710 09-Nov-1999
for Query: 10.1663 Gustave Guillaumes' essay on Intuitional Mechanics Arlyn Freed 10.1687 05-Nov-1999
Negative Raising Hiroaki Tanaka 10.771 02-Nov-1999
Negative Raising Hiroaki Tanaka 10.1657 02-Nov-1999
Linking elements in compounds Andrea Krott 10.1477 07-Oct-1999
Chinese & Pro-drop Phenomema Abdulaziz Al-Najmi 10.1426 28-Sep-1999
[summary] present perfect (corrected) YANAGI Tomohiro 10.1269 31-Aug-1999
[Summary] Present perfect YANAGI Tomohiro 10.1237 23-Aug-1999
Double Possessives Tong Zhimin 10.1239 22-Aug-1999
Clicks Nick Reid 10.1217 19-Aug-1999
Person Marking mike_maxwell mike_maxwell 10.856 04-Jun-1999
Sum: Possession in Hebrew Simona Herdan 10.847 03-Jun-1999
Proximate/obviative Janez Oresnik 10.826 26-May-1999
Summary: Verbs of inert perception Minako NAKAYASU 10.812 24-May-1999
Metalinguistic Negation Hiroaki Tanaka 10.771 20-May-1999
Prepositions/functional uses Andrew McIntyre 10.702 07-May-1999
Summary: exclamations/interjections David Harris 10.483 31-Mar-1999
Pronoun Ellipsis Sadao Ando 10.402 16-Mar-1999
Prague School influence Frederick Newmeyer 10.220 10-Feb-1999
Personal Pronouns/Reference to Mother Richard Dury 10.216 07-Feb-1999
Summary: multiple wh-questions Miura Ikuo 10.173 04-Feb-1999
Summary on contractions in English Alan Smith 10.127 27-Jan-1999
-ise vs. -ize Zouhair Maalej 10.93 20-Jan-1999
Serial Verbs Construction Li Rulai 10.78 16-Jan-1999
Parameter-within-Parameter; Sum of Chinese Sentences ressy ressy 10.10 05-Jan-1999
The Specifics of Specificity Rebecca Larche Moreton 10.12 04-Jan-1999
GO+and+VERB constructions (Epilog) Anatol Stefanowitsch 9.1812 18-Dec-1998
Summary: Textbooks in Spanish Martina Faller 9.1776 13-Dec-1998
Re: Cognate Object summary Piroska Csuri 9.1757 10-Dec-1998
Another summary: Morphosyntactic Features Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1770 08-Dec-1998
Biblical Hebrew Asya Pereltsvaig 9.1729 05-Dec-1998
Animacy II Andrew Carnie 9.1726 05-Dec-1998
Sum: Focus condition on Heavy Shift Carsten Breul 8.675 20-Nov-1998
SUM: Animacy Andrew Carnie 9.1653 20-Nov-1998
Sum: Focus condition on Heavy Shift Carsten Breul 9.1651 20-Nov-1998
Introductory Syntax Textbook: Response Randy Sharp 9.1643 18-Nov-1998
Morphosyntactic Features: 2nd summary Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1644 18-Nov-1998
Introductory Syntax Textbook: Response Randy Sharp 8.675 18-Nov-1998
Morphosyntactic Features Mike_Maxwell Mike_Maxwell 9.1599 13-Nov-1998
summary responses to Spanish gender (9.1567) Maria Jose Alvarez-Torres 8.675 10-Nov-1998
Slavic Noun Phrase Larisa Zlatic 9.943 24-Jun-1998
A summary of Eung-Cheon Hah 9.909 17-Jun-1998
English Modals [email protected] or jp> 9.448 24-Mar-1998
Have to/Have got to Kenji Kashino 9.398 17-Mar-1998
More on left-right asymmetries of word order variation bingfu lu 9.359 08-Mar-1998
Summary on Zwarts Paul Millar 9.280 24-Feb-1998
Asian Adjectives Michael Jung 9.265 20-Feb-1998
Summary of Irrealis Discussion Claire Bowern 9.241 18-Feb-1998
Russian Syntax Jameela Ann Lares 9.249 18-Feb-1998
Re: Syntax and Semantics of Graeme Forbes 9.227 12-Feb-1998
Sum: grammars Elke Hentschel 9.214 12-Feb-1998
Summary: Optimality & Syntax Acquisition Erica Thrift 9.212 12-Feb-1998
'enjoy oneself (by) doing' Hiroaki Tanaka 9.139 30-Jan-1998
Jakobson Quote Hartmut Haberland 9.32 09-Jan-1998
Diachrony and the Minimalist Program sfisher sfisher 8.1097 25-Jul-1997
Sum: References on 'as if/though ...' Sugayama Kensei 8.892 15-Jun-1997
Sum: Particle Movement StThGries StThGries 8.879 14-Jun-1997
Query Summary: Tense minako nakayasu 8.872 12-Jun-1997
textbooks for intro syntax and semantics lijeni lijeni 8.756 20-May-1997
Sum: Right Dislocation Lawrence Y L 8.749 19-May-1997
Summary: Nonce formations in Italian: verbs in -acchiare, -icchiare, -ucchiare Elmar Schafroth 8.719 13-May-1997
'Fundamentals of Grammar' text Frederick Newmeyer 8.588 24-Apr-1997
Scope Ambiguities Eung-Cheon Hah 8.539 18-Apr-1997
Lgs with case-marking split conditioned by tense and/or aspect Stuart Robinson 8.429 24-Mar-1997
Tense in subordinate clauses  hiro-t 8.303 28-Feb-1997
Negation/Affirmation Matti Miestamo 8.289 25-Feb-1997
Sum: dative shift centro multimediale linguistico 8.117 27-Jan-1997
sum: will and shall in journal writing M Shuib 8.93 23-Jan-1997
Introductory syntax Nkonko Kamwangamalu 8.79 21-Jan-1997