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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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Journal Title: Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Volume/Issue:   37 /
Date: 2017
Table of Contents: Exploring the Uniqueness of Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Learning, Teaching, Assessment, and Practice
by Jenefer Philp, Margaret Borowczyk, Alison Mackey
pp 1-13

A Critical Review of Bilingual Education in the United States: From Basements and Pride to Boutiques and Profit
by Nelson Flores, Ofelia García
pp 14-29

The Effects of Specific Learning Difficulties on Processes of Multilingual Language Development
by Judit Kormos
pp 30-44

What Makes a Child a Good Language Learner? Interactional Competence, Identity, and Immersion in a Swedish Classroom
by Asta Cekaite
pp 45-61

Review of Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Examining Theories and Research
by Rhonda Oliver, Agurtzane Azkarai
pp 62-76

Pragmatic Development During Study Abroad: An Analysis of Spanish Teenagers’ Request Strategies in English Emails
by Eva Alcón-Soler
pp 77-92

Early Bilingualism Through the Looking Glass: Latino Preschool Children's Language and Self-Regulation Skills
by Gigliana Melzi, Adina Schick, Kelly Escobar
pp 93-109

The Use of Models as Written Corrective Feedback in English as a Foreign Language (EFL)Writing
by María Mayo, Udane Labandibar
pp 110-127

Specific Referential Contexts Shape Efficiency in Second Language Processing: Three Eye-Tracking Experiments With 6- and 10-Year-Old Children in Spanish Immersion Schools
by Casey Lew-Williams
pp 128-147

Children's Second Language Acquisition of English Complex Syntax: The Role of Age, Input, and Cognitive Factors
by Johanne Paradis, Brian Rusk, Tamara Duncan, Krithika Govindarajan
pp 148-167

Tracing Trajectories of Young Learners: Ten Years of School English Learning
by Carmen Muñoz
pp 168-184

Challenging Linguistic Purism in Dual Language Bilingual Education: A Case Study of Hebrew in a New York City Public Middle School
by Kate Menken, Sharon Avni
pp 185-202

Validating the Power of Bilingual Schooling: Thirty-Two Years of Large-Scale, Longitudinal Research
by Virginia Collier, Wayne Thomas
pp 203-217

Three Theories of the Effects of Language Education Programs: An Empirical Evaluation of Bilingual and English-Only Policies
by Jeff MacSwan, Marilyn Thompson, Kellie Rolstad, Kara McAlister, Gerda Lobo
pp 218-240

Progressions of a New Language: Characterizing Explanation Development for Assessment With Young Language Learners
by Alison Bailey
pp 241-263

Assessing and Exploring the Oral Proficiency of Young Mandarin Immersion Learners
by Tara Fortune, Zhongkui Ju
pp 264-287

APL volume 37 Cover and Front matter
by pp f1-f2

APL volume 37 Cover and Back matter
by pp b1-b2

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
LL Issue: 28.3948