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Revitalizing Endangered Languages

Edited by Justyna Olko & Julia Sallabank

Revitalizing Endangered Languages "This guidebook provides ideas and strategies, as well as some background, to help with the effective revitalization of endangered languages. It covers a broad scope of themes including effective planning, benefits, wellbeing, economic aspects, attitudes and ideologies."

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TOC Description

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Journal Title: Applied Psycholinguistics
Volume/Issue:   39 / 2
Date: 2018
Table of Contents: The role of language production mechanisms in children's sentence repetition: Evidence from an inflectionally rich language
by Sonali Nag, Margaret Snowling, Jelena Mirković
pp 303-325

Effect of voicing on perceptual auditory laterality in Estonian and Norwegian native speakers
by René Westerhausen, Nele Põldver, Richard Naar, Dominika Radziun, Maria Kaarep, Kairi Kreegipuu, Kenneth Hugdahl, Pärtel Lippus, Kristiina Kompus
pp 259-273

Artificial grammar learning in Williams syndrome and in typical development: The role of rules, familiarity, and prosodic cues
by Vesna Stojanovik, Vitor Zimmerer, Jane Setter, Kerry Hudson, Isil Poyraz-Bilgin, Doug Saddy
pp 327-353

In hand and in mind: Effects of gesture production and viewing on second language word learning
by Laura Morett
pp 355-381

Selective updating of sentences: Introducing a new measure of verbal working memory
by Daniel Fellman, Anna Soveri, Charlotte Viktorsson, Sarah Haga, Johannes Nylund, Sanna Johansson, Jakob Edman, Felix Renteln, Matti Laine
pp 275-301

The semantic network, lexical access, and reading comprehension in monolingual and bilingual children: An individual differences study—CORRIGENDUM
pp 461-461

Grounded cognition: Comparing Language × Space interactions in first language and second language
by Daniela Ahlberg, Heike Bischoff, Barbara Kaup, Doreen Bryant, Jessica Strozyk
pp 437-459

Effects of entrenchment and preemption in second language learners’ acceptance of English denominal verbs
by Xiaopeng Zhang, Chunping Mai
pp 413-436

Differential effects of internal and external factors in early bilingual vocabulary learning: The case of Singapore
by He Sun, Bin Yin, Nur Amsah, Beth O'Brien
pp 383-411

APS volume 39 issue 2 Cover and Front matter
by pp f1-f2

APS volume 39 issue 2 Cover and Back matter
by pp b1-b2

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
LL Issue: 29.1265