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·Citation Guides for Electronic Documents: IFLANET resources for citing online resources
·ReferenĀ©ite: The main purpose of ReferenĀ©ite is to encourage students to correctly reference the sources they use in written work. To do this, it: * Promotes the meaningfulness of the practice: it is not mere institutional compliance - the values at the core of the practice is shared across cultures; * Provides tools and information to make the correct referencing of sources significantly easier - to virtually eliminate any excuse that it is too difficult or confusing. * Provides 24/7 access to referencing information delivered in an engaging, efficient and student-centred format via a single simple url (; through the site's own content and also by acting as a central 'hub' for excellent online referencing resources
·Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics Journals: The unified stylesheet for linguistics journals is available in annotated and unannotated PDF versions as well as BibTex format at the home page of the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals
·Universite Laval Guide: Information about citing electronic references (in French)