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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Discussion: Re: 15.2577, FYI: Assessing Well-formedness Using Google Script John Atkinson 15.2594 18-Sep-2004
Dixon's model of punctuated equilibrium Marinus Van der Sluijs 16.970 29-Mar-2005
Documentation of Non-Unicode Phonetic Symbols Kirk Miller 26.3894 01-Sep-2015
Does Editing Matter? Michael Cahill 23.3795 05-Sep-2012
Empirical Linguistics and Mixing the Levels Marija Lepeza 24.418 23-Jan-2013
Endangered Languages: Reality and Publicity Roger Blench 20.1386 07-Apr-2009
Error in the Fernandez Huerta Readability Formula Gwillim Law 22.2332 27-May-2011
Etymology of 'Urdu' Syed-Mohsin Naquvi 21.3505 26-Aug-2010
Extrapolate benefits of early biling-ism to L2ers? Michal B. Paradowski 20.3408 04-Oct-2009
Feeback on a New Concept - 'frape' Kirsty Underwood 22.1726 18-Apr-2011
Final Posting: Author's Response to Review David Lightfoot 18.1111 12-Apr-2007
Final Posting Re: issue 16-2712, Mysterious /s/ Rostam Shirazi 16.2979 13-Oct-2005
Finite State Automata & Context-sensitive Language Jiun-Shiung Wu 18.1982 02-Jul-2007
First Language Acquisition Robin Allott 17.998 29-Mar-2006
Fossilization Lisa Grenier 23.2976 06-Jul-2012
Free Sharing of Linguistic Research/Information Don Killian 20.1001 21-Mar-2009
French Terminer de + inf. in Discourse Nicole Huang 24.2097 16-May-2013
Fundamentality of Word Classes? Jess Tauber 18.2168 16-Jul-2007
Fund Drive Oktay Ahmed 16.1019 01-Apr-2005
Fund Drive Nick Caffrey 16.932 26-Mar-2005
Fund Drive: Please, let us show OUR MORALS! Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián 16.1086 05-Apr-2005
Funding for LINGUIST Jack Hall 16.939 28-Mar-2005
Germanic Influence on French Syntax Kevin McCabe 24.2502 20-Jun-2013
Hindi Verb Classification Raymond Doctor 21.3259 11-Aug-2010
Hiring Practices in Variationist Sociolinguistics Richard Cameron 17.645 20-Feb-2006

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