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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Environmental Protection Using Endangered Languages Dianna Lauroesch 30.1146 09-Mar-2019
Inquiry on Corpus Linguistics Abrar Alqudsi 30.1025 02-Mar-2019
LSA Survey on Linguistics and Scholarly Publishing David Robinson 30.878 19-Feb-2019
Northern Alabama Expression Reagan Humber 30.877 14-Feb-2019
Looking for Auditory Demo Clip Susan Behrens 30.333 18-Jan-2019
Polarity-reversing Particle Elena Moser 30.86 07-Jan-2019
Poetry Comprehension in Natural Languages Maryam Nournamaee 29.4675 22-Nov-2018
Survey Invitation: Language Learning Experiences Beth Dillard 29.4589 16-Nov-2018
Free Webinar: Building Dictionaries Simone Bichara 29.4346 05-Nov-2018
Review of 'Perspectives in Linguistics' Laxmi Prasad Khatiwada 29.3924 02-Oct-2018
Review of 'The Politics of Written Language in the Arab World' Maarten Frieswijk 29.3675 21-Sep-2018
Review of 'Enregistrer la parole et écrire la langue dans la diachronie du français' Lionel Mathieu 29.3674 18-Sep-2018
Vowel Shift, Milk to Melk Lisa Buller 29.3673 15-Sep-2018
Adopting Registered Reports for Linguistic Journals Timo Roettger 29.3168 14-Aug-2018
Review of 'A Grammar of Kakua' Patience Epps 29.2591 19-Jun-2018
English Passives Translated as Reflexives Joseph Davis 29.2244 24-May-2018
English Passives Translated as Reflexives Julien Peter Benney 29.2167 18-May-2018
Software Development Proposal Eli Levine 29.1452 26-Mar-2018
Request for Comment: Cross-Linguistic Data Formats Harald Hammarström 29.1295 23-Mar-2018
Omission of 'that' in Annex Clauses of Existentials Stanford Carmack 29.1084 07-Mar-2018
Re: 28.4758, Disc: Review of 'Language Documentation and Endangerment in Africa Gail Coelho 28.4826 10-Nov-2017
Review of 'Language Teaching and the Older Adult' Danya Ramirez Gómez 28.3692 04-Sep-2017
Review of 'Language and Mathematics' Timothy Mills 28.3606 31-Aug-2017
pluricentric languages: on a fundamental point Stefan Dollinger 28.3400 11-Aug-2017
Celebrating John Sinclair Geoffrey Williams 28.1251 13-Mar-2017

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