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What is Linguistics?

This section is for people exploring the field of linguistics and who don't know where to start? Click here for resources about different fields within linguistics and read stories about other linguists and how they got their start.

Finding Linguistic Programs

You know you want to be a linguist, but don't know where you can take classes? We have done the work for you by compiling a database of schools around the world that offer linguistic programs.

Writing Resources

Here you will find resources on how to get started with writing your paper and how to cite your paper with LSA and APA style, and MultiTree (for those pesky language codes).

Presenting Your Work

Don't know what needs to go in a typical thesis or dissertation? Unsure about how to present your hard work at a conference properly? Click here to find out more about the different ways to get your work out into the public eye.

Applying for Jobs and Internships

Your degree is done or in progress and you need some money to help you advance in the world. Here we have lists of current job, internship, and student support openings.


Are you an avid reader and need more books to decorate your growing library? This section contains books that are suggested by students here at LINGUIST List as their favorites and also some other books submitted by our supporting publishers.

News and Views

Featured Linguist: Ljuba Veselinova

LINGUIST List Fund Drive 2015 Featured Linguist: Ljuba Veselinova¬†(Stockholm University) I came to LINGUIST List in 1994 as the first recipient of its graduate student fellowship funded by subscribers. Compared to its current size, the list was small back then (around 4000 subscribers). However, the work was exciting and there was this whole new universe […]

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Linguistic Societies

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Tales about Linguists

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