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Support Announcement:

Level: PhD
Duty: Research
Linguistic Field: Sociolinguistics Scottish Gaelic
Specific Language: Gaelic, Scottish
Application Deadline: 16-Aug-2012
Supporting Institution: University of Glasgow
Celtic & Gaelic
LL Issue: 23.3101
Posted: 18-Jul-2012
Support Description: Applications are encouraged in relation to one or both of the following two research

(a) Urban Gaelic Communities and Gaelic Strategic Development

This research will endeavour to assess in detail how urban Scottish Gaelic
communities can be conceptualised, described and understood, how they function,
who participates in them and who does not, and how speakers locate Gaelic within
their lives in a predominantly non-Gaelic environment. The project will involve a close
study of at least one well-developed urban Gaelic community, ideally Glasgow. In
particular, the research will place emphasis on assessing how and in what ways
initiatives to promote Gaelic may help strengthen these urban communities as part of
a broader revitalisation strategy for Gaelic.

(b) Gaelic in the Media: Social Discourses and Effects on Sociolinguistic Change

This research will primarily be a sociolinguistic study of the use of Scottish Gaelic in
the media and its effects on sociolinguistic change. It will investigate the various
social discourses which surround the use of Gaelic in the media, including concepts
such as 'Middle of the Minch Gaelic' and dichotomies such as 'domestic Gaelic' vs.
'BBC Gaelic', 'traditional Gaelic' vs. 'new Gaelic', 'good Gaelic' vs. 'bad Gaelic'. As
well as describing key trends in usage and speaker's views on these, this study will
also consider the implications of these for Gaelic language acquisition (including
school education) policy, usage in Gaelic communities as well as the media, usage in
'official' contexts and other aspects of status and usage planning.
Application Mailing Address: Professor Rob O Maolalaigh
Celtic & Gaelic, School of Humanities
3 University Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom
Application Web Address:
Contact Information: Professor Rob O Maolalaigh