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Program Name: Linguistics Department
Institution: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Address: Mt. Scopus
City: Jerusalem
Zip/Postal Code: 91905
Country: Israel
Contact Person: Eran Cohen, PhD

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Phone: +972-2-588 3834
Linguistic Subfield(s): Discourse Analysis
Genetic Classification
Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Other Program Specialties: Languages taught: Amharic, Old Babylonian Akkadian, Old Ethiopic (Geez), Neo-Aramaic; Coptic, Egyptian; Dutch, Gothic, Old-Icelandic, Old-English, Yiddish; Neo-Greek; Polish, Old Church Slavonic; Lithuanian; Welsh, Irish; Japanese;
Program Size: Large (over 25 students)
Program Description: Undergraduate studies are made up as follows: 1. a theoretical part, taking about a third of the time, in which the tool employed for linguistic analysis is acquired, as well as various issues of general linguistic nature; 2. the concrete part, taking about two thirds of the time, where students cope with several languages, learning each for at least two years. The languages studied are grouped either genetically, typlogically or areally. The students are expected to submit a research paper by the end of their BA, which is a linguistic statement, referring to a concrete linguistic corpus.
Graduate programs (MA and PhD) are possible as well.
Available Financial Aid: Based on academic excellence.
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