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Program Name: Department of Linguistics
Program Homepage:
Institution: Tel Aviv University
City: Ramat Aviv
Country: Israel
Application Deadline: Flexible
Contact Person: Tal Oded

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Phone: 972-3-640-9685
Linguistic Subfield(s): Computational Linguistics
Program Size: Large (over 25 students)
Program Description: The Department of Linguistics at Tel-Aviv University nurtures original research and has a comprehensive program. The research in the department focuses on formulating theoretical models explaining various linguistic phenomena in adult and child language. This research sheds light on the nature of the human language faculty by uncovering the universal principles – grammatical and cognitive – underlying it.

The study program covers the central areas of linguistics: the perception and production of linguistic sounds (phonetics), linguistic sound systems (phonology), word structure (morphology), sentence structure (syntax), meaning in language (semantics), the effect of extra-linguistic factors on linguistic communication (pragmatics), the study of the language faculty via behavioral tests (psycholinguistics), the acquisition of language by children (language acquisition), research methods (experimental linguistics), computational models of natural language (computational linguistics), and research of the neural basis of the language faculty (neurolinguistics).

The Department of Linguistics offers a broad theoretical background in the various fields of linguistics, and tools for academic thought and scientific research (theoretical, experimental and computational). Furthermore, the department provides vital knowledge for specialists in various fields dealing with language: artificial intelligence, communications, speech therapy, language teaching, literature, translation etc. Even students in various fields in which language is a rhetorical tool, such as advertising and law, can enrich their studies with linguistic knowledge.

The Department of Linguistics at Tel Aviv University offers a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. in Linguistics. Most foundational courses are taught in Hebrew and there is a Hebrew language requirement for non-Israeli students entering the program. The reading material is in English. Interested students should contact Mrs. Tal Oded for more information.
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